San-tron Inc. announces the retirement of Sherman J. “Red” Somerset after 65 years of employment and several industry achievements. Red is stepping down as chief technology officer and past director of engineering at San-tron. He will be missed by the entire San-tron family and the many customers and industry allies who’ve relied on his innovative designs. 

Red attended Northeastern University just after WWII majoring in mechanical engineering and started his career designing aircraft instrumentation for General Electric in 1947. Before beginning his career at San-tron, he held positions as VP of engineering and sales at Gremar Manufacturing (a manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and other devices, later sold to ITT); RF product manager at EG and G Electromechanical (sold to Automatic Connector); national sales manager at Automatic Connector; and VP engineering and sales at Delta Electronics.

The contributions of Mr. Somerset are many. He received the distinguished Symposium Honor Award in 1998 and was awarded three U.S. patents: “Simplon Semirigid Cable Attachment”; “Red Line Miniature TNC”; and “Crimping of Triaxial Connectors.” Red was chairman of ANSI/EIA from 1971-1986, resulting in publications Mil-C-39012 and Mil-A-55339, and served as technical expert for 20 years on the U.S. Committee of IEC starting in 1968.  

In the words of Fred Hull, director of engineering at San-tron, “It was the published results of Red, and men like Red, that helped guide my development into an effective and capable engineer. I owe Red a debt of gratitude that can only be repaid by mentoring the next generation.”

In his own words, Mr. Somerset comments, “My career was fascinating and varied. My connectors were used in just about all space launches, most major U.S. aircraft, most atomic energy tests, and in most major shipboard and airport radars. What a lifetime!”

Red will spend his retirement traveling the world and enjoying visits from his son, two daughters and his grandchildren.

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