Teseq Holding AG, a leading developer and provider of instrumentation and systems for EMC emission and immunity testing, intends to acquire New York-based Instruments for Industry (IFI), a leading designer and manufacturer of solid state and traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers. 

By combining the competencies of IFI and the recently acquired MILMEGA with its own capabilities, Teseq will expand its capabilities and broaden its product line in the RF amplifier market, providing its customers with the best possible solutions in variety of applications including commercial, industrial automotive, military, defense and communications.

Johannes Schmid, president of Teseq, said, "Because IFI is a US-based manufacturer, we have an immediate increase in the services we can offer this growing customer base.  This latest acquisition solidifies Teseq's commitment to forward thinking and growth of a successful business. IFI will help us to become a dominant supplier for the whole RF power amplifier line."

Schmid continued, "With the future acquisition of IFI, Teseq will expand its product range from 9 kHz up to 40 GHz and up to 10 kW. IFI brings the latest in GaN and LDMOS Class AB solid state technology, the knowledge to manufacture TWT amplifiers as well as its excellent relationships within the defense and military markets to Teseq."

Established in 1953, IFI designs and manufacturers RF microwave, solid state and TWT amplifiers (tetrode tube, millimeter, pulsed, CW and combination amps). It is a leading supplier of high power transmitters for both solid state and TWT, with its broad range of products, including low, medium and high power amplifiers, successfully used in applications all around the globe.

IFI's New York location will be integrated into the Teseq Group as its fourth competency center joining Luterbach, Switzerland; Berlin, Germany and Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK. IFI will work in close cooperation with MILMEGA/Teseq on the lsle of Wight.  Moving forward, the new business unit will focus primarily on TWTs, class AB technology and customer specific models for the general amplifier and military markets.

All current IFI sales and distribution channels will have continued access to the IFI product range until the end of 2012. Possible changes will be worked out by September 2012. Teseq Inc. will remain the sales, distribution and service channel for Teseq and MILMEGA products in North America.