SolidStateSwitch100PMI Model P4T-0R1G20G-100-T-SFF is a single pole, four throw, solid-tate absorptive switch that operates over the 100 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range. This model provides 110 dB of isolation over the entire frequency range of operation and offers low insertion loss performance with fast switching speeds.

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• 100MHz to 20GHz Operation
• Very High Isolation of 110dB
• Low Insertion Loss
• Absorptive Design
• High Speed
• Compact Size

SP2T and SP8T versions are available. Contact PMI for additional information.

• Frequency …0.1 to 20.0GHz
• Isolation…110dB min.
• Insertion Loss…5.0dB max.
• VSWR In/Out…2.0:1 max.
• Operating Input Power…+20dBm CW
• Switching Speed…300 nsec max.
• DC Voltage and Current…+5VDC @ 200mA and -12VDC @ 100mA
• Control Signal…TTL - Independent "1" = Off
• Connectors…SMA(F) - Removable
• Finish…Painted Gray
• Size…1.25" x 1.25" x 0.70" – Radial

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