HermeticAluminumHousingCustom hermetic aluminum housings are available in any size or shape which provide unparalleled hermetic reliability. This reliability is achieved by use of unique feedthru devices; RF, DC and capacitive feedthrus, headers and connectors, all of which have been specifically designed for use in aluminum housings.

SHP has produced housings with as little as 2 to as many as 325 individual feedthru devices. When special or unique feedthru devices are required these can generally be provided with little impact on the overall job schedule.

Housings can be provided with numerous plating options with and without post-machining for lid attachment and other purposes.

Complete turnkey housings can be provided meeting any military specification. The housings are designed and processed with proven techniques to assure desired performance and yield the first time through.

Housings can be provided in reasonably short lead times since most all key elements are available in-house including engineering expertise required to review customer requirements and make necessary design recommendations, generally within a week on most housings.

Such housings are currently providing flawless performance on programs at major microwave companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Endwave, ITT, Teledyne Microwave, Teledyne Cougar, Picosecond Pulse Labs, Microwave Dynamics, Draper Laboratories, BAE Systems, Advanced Control Components, Remec and others.

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