When testing large numbers of radios utilized in large private and land mobile radio networks, consistent testing and comparison of test results for each radio can be a huge problem. Test operator skills may vary from location to location, allowing inconsistencies and errors to crop up that can slow down deployment. Aeroflex solves this problem with its new Auto-Test software for its popular 2975 P25 Radio Test Set for P25 and FM radios. The 2975’s Auto-Test software increases speed, consistency and accuracy of testing P25 and FM radios while providing the ability to store, print and share test results. For public safety and other private mobile radio (PMR) network users, the 2975 Auto-Test function allows non-technical personnel to test radios automatically, freeing up test technicians for other communications systems repair and maintenance. “This software is very useful for network operators who may have hundreds of radios to test prior to deployment. They may receive hundreds of radios at one time that all need to be tested consistently and accurately. Using other test systems, it may take several minutes per channel to run tests on each individual radio. With Auto-Test, test time per channel is significantly reduced, in some instances by up to 300 percent, from about three minutes to 60 seconds. Once the set up is completed, Auto-Test will automatically test the radios, and then allow users to save and compare the results prior to fielding the units,” said Rob Barden, director of product marketing, Aeroflex Test Solutions. Auto-Test software performs critical transmitter and receiver tests. With Aeroflex’s new Windows®-based Auto-Test feature for the 2975 P25 Radio Test Set, users can easily and automatically perform critical transmitter and receiver performance tests on P25 and FM radios on a standard personal computer. Auto-Test takes control of the 2975 through a standard PC RS-232 interface and tests are performed automatically, alleviating the need for manual set-up and testing, which is time-consuming and error-prone. Auto-Test results can be stored and shared on a network drive, allowing access by all users within the system. Private mobile radio operators will have confidence that all of their system’s radios have been tested properly and can be easily verified from any location. Other key features and test capabilities of Auto-Test Features of the 2975 P25 Radio Test Set’s Auto-Test software include: · Configuration of up to 16 channels · Independent test selections for each channel · Programmable Pass / Fail limits · Save / Recall test configurations · Save / Recall test results · Printing of test results with Pass / Fail status FM transmission tests include power, frequency error, squelch CTCSS/CDCSS, microphone sensitivity, distortion and deviation limiting. FM receiver tests include distortion, SINAD test, SINAD search, and squelch open/close. P25 transmission tests include power, frequency error, C4FM modulation fidelity, P25 NAC and P25 TGID. P25 receiver tests include P25 usable sensitivity and P25 decryption. About the Aeroflex 2975 P25 Radio Test Set The 2975 P25 Radio Test Set is a digital radio test platform that tests radio equipment to ensure proper operation to various P25 standards, including advanced parametric testing for compatible four-level frequency modulation and interoperability testing of P25 systems. As well as standard analog test features, the 2975 provides P25 trunking support for VHF/UHF/700 and 800 MHz bands, SmartNet™/SmartZone™ support, AES and DES encryption support, control message logging, encryption key management facilities, CQPSK generate and receive testing, and advanced CQPSK analysis for Linear Simulcast Modulation systems. Created with a modular design, the 2975 is simple to support and upgrade. Its 40 GB internal hard drive maximizes flexibility in storage and recall of setup information and test data. Software upgrades can be downloaded from Aeroflex’s Web site allowing features to be added as new radio-specific tests are developed, reducing ownership and life-cycle costs. Price and availability Delivery for the 2975 P25 Radio Test Set is ten weeks upon receipt of order. Highly configurable, a starting configuration for the 2975 is priced at approximately U.S. $21,495. The new Auto-Test software (Option 31) is available immediately upon receipt of order and is priced at U.S. $1,495. Details on all of the 2975’s software options, including price and availability, can be obtained by contacting your Aeroflex sales representative at (800) 853-2352, info-test@aeroflex.com or by visiting www.P25.com.