Stuart, FL, -- June 20, 2011 -- Florida RF Labs has introduced a new line of High-Performance VNA test cables, the ASR Series. These high frequency assemblies are available individually, in pairs and phase-matched pairs as required. They are manufactured using the finest materials currently available; durable interfaces for repeated matings, special low-loss cable construction for stability over temperature and entirely covered in stainless steel armor for long-lasting performance in your test environment.

The cable assemblies are available in standard 12”, 18” and 24” lengths with your choice of connectors: 2.92mm & 2.4mm male (plug), female (jack) and NMD female (jack) as well as Type N male and female interfaces. All cables are supplied with return loss and insertion loss test data. Cable pairs are delivered in a durable wooden case for their immediate and future protection. Delivery range is stock to 8 weeks, depending upon your specific requirements.

For more information about the ASR Series and other flexible test cables please contact our Sales department and request our ASR data sheet showing a complete list of available models and performance parameters.

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