Digital I/Q data recorder from Rohde & Schwarz stores 1 Tbyte data for analysis of RF signals

Munich, November 15, 2010 — Rohde & Schwarz introduced the R&S IQR digital I/Q data recorder at electronica in Munich. The recorder can record, store and replay digital RF signals loss-free and in realtime over the I/Q interface developed by Rohde & Schwarz. When used in combination with RF scanners, generators and network analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz, the recorder completes a high-performance, continuous analysis system for digital RF signals. This system will prove to be of particular benefit for users in broadcasting, mobile radio, aerospace & defense, and the automobile industry. The compact recorder – in half 19-inch format – currently offers transmission rates of up to 66 Msample per second. It comes with a robust, interchangeable solid-state drive with one Tbyte of storage capacity and a recording rate of 270 Mbyte per second.

The R&S IQR I/Q data recorder records digital RF signals in realtime. Thanks to its unique combination of speed, compactness and robustness, it is ideal for use in drive tests in broadcasting and mobile radio networks. For instrument tests or electronic component testing, the recorder can be used to supply previously generated test signals. In addition, broadband spectra or sporadic signals can be recorded in realtime for later offline analysis.

To obtain a continuous analysis system for digital RF signals, the user can connect the data recorder with either a spectrum or radio network analyzer and with a signal generator from Rohde & Schwarz via the digital I/Q interface. This I/Q interface simplifies both parameter exchange between the instruments and the setup of the data recorder. During configuration, the user can access several trigger modes for the start/stop function that range from manual quick start to the triggering of recording via a previously entered I/Q signal level. The integrated Ethernet interface permits remote control of the instrument as well as the transfer of the measurement data via LAN. Two extra USB interfaces on the front panel and a touch screen round out the user-friendly concept of the data recorder.

The compact R&S IQR in half 19-inch format has three height units and is available in two models: The R&S IQR20 offers one I/Q input and output each for a maximum of 20 Msample per second. This economy model is intended for stationary operation with hard disk memory. The associated memory pack consists of a hard disk with 1 Tbyte storage capacity and a maximum data throughput of 80 Mbyte/s. The high-performance R&S IQR100 model features an I/Q input and an I/Q output capable of handling up to 100 Msample per second. It can be equipped with a robust 1 Tbyte solid-state drive with a maximum data throughput of 270 Mbyte/s. This configuration currently supports a data rate of 66 Msample per second. All R&S IQR memory packs can be interchanged by the user easily and quickly.

If the user wishes to attach a module or a measuring instrument without a digital I/Q interface to the recorder, the R&S EX-IQ-BOX digital interface box from Rohde & Schwarz is all that is needed.

The R&S IQR digital I/Q data recorder and accessories are now available from Rohde & Schwarz. For details, visit