September 7, 2010

Designed and developed by the astrophysics team at Oxford University, a new RF amplifier has recently been licensed to Braintree, UK based component company, Atlantic Microwave Ltd., through Isis Innovation.

Isis approached Atlantic Microwave Ltd as a part of routine commercialisation exercise and discovered that Oxford Amplifiers could diversify their product range and develop business in several important sectors.

Geoff Burling, Atlantic Microwave Ltd C.E.O., said “We have cultivated relationships with a number of leading universities across the UK, and having worked extensively with the radio astronomy group at Oxford, it seemed only natural to see how they could help us”.

Following discussions there was a quick realisation that the inventions Oxford has developed could have potential in the other sectors that Atlantic Microwave Ltd serves. Further to extensive product evaluation, the company signed a licence agreement with Isis for the manufacture and commercial exploitation of an extremely versatile 1 to 20GHz amplifier designed by the Oxford astrophysics team.

Burling commented “This agreement with Oxford University through Isis Innovation marks a significant step forward in our product offering and I am very positive about future sales potential”.

Commercial sales and design-ins of the amplifier have already commenced and Atlantic Microwave Ltd., Isis and Oxford are now in discussions regarding further product opportunities.

“We are delighted that the team’s research outcomes were of such significant interest to Atlantic Microwave Ltd., and having the opportunity to establish a licence agreement of this kind marks a step in reversing current trends,” said Dr Rakesh Roshan, Project Manager, Isis Innovation.

“Our role is to connect ground breaking research and technology from Oxford with innovative companies; this is a great example of working closely with an innovative UK manufacturing company and transferring Oxford technology into their products,” said Tom Hockaday, Managing Director, Isis Innovation.