Remcom announces a comprehensive training session scheduled for July 27-29 in San Diego, CA. Attendees may choose from three product tracks covering the current release of each of Remcom’s primary products: XFdtd®, XGtd®, or Wireless InSite®.

Remcom training courses provide new users of the software an opportunity to master the products quickly and easily and enable experienced users to exploit the software more productively. The workshops cover the theory, use, and application of Remcom’s software tools and include lectures, discussion, and example problems. Much time is devoted to hands-on practice during which instructors work at the computer with the attendees.

Attendees can expect to gain the following from the course:

• Most efficient ways to use Remcom software and maximize productivity.
• Overview of the wide array of problems Remcom’s products help to solve.
• Coverage of new features and updates and how they benefit workflow.
• Personalized consultations with Remcom engineers and developers and discussion of attendees’ specific needs and questions.

To maximize the value of the training, attendees are encouraged to bring their own projects for specialized assistance with Remcom’s training staff.

The XFdtd product track will be especially beneficial to new users of XF7, the latest release of Remcom’s flagship product. The training will focus on getting started with the software quickly. Those users familiar with past versions of XFdtd will learn how XF7’s new features can speed design time in the development cycle.

For more information or to register, please visit the July San Diego Training page on Remcom’s