EAST PROVIDENCE, RI, USA, October 31, 2006 — The Evans Capacitor Company has won a $3.03 Million contract from Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Controls in Orlando, FL, to supply capacitor banks for Lot III production of the Apache helicopter Arrowhead Program. Arrowhead is the MTADS/PNVS (Modernized Target Acquisition and Designation Sight / Pilot Night Vision System) for AH-64 Apache attack helicopters. Evans will supply two specially built and packaged capacitor banks for the system. It will manufacture approximately 250 Arrowhead ship sets by the end of 2007. A 10-year-old firm in East Providence, RI, the Evans Capacitor Company holds US Department of Energy and US Military quality and performance ratings for the design and manufacture of capacitors, which are frequently specified for mission critical applications. David Evans, its president, holds 15 patents. In April, 2006, The Evans Capacitor Company was the recipient of the Lockheed Martin “Supplier Excellence Award” for the Arrowhead Program. Capacitor banks for the Arrowhead use Evans Hybrid® Capacitors, completely wired and packaged in rugged aluminum housings, as line replaceable modules. One bank is rated at 50V and 144,000 µF, utilizing six THQ3050243 capacitors in parallel. The other bank is rated at +/- 135V and 1,100 µF, using three THQ125332 capacitors in series. THQ3 capacitors utilize Evans patented Hybrid® Capacitor technology, which provides very high power density compared with other tantalum capacitors. Hybrid Capacitors have a tantalum pentoxide dielectric, in conjunction with a Ruthenium oxide cathode, providing high single cell voltages (high power density for pulse applications) and high capacitance (high energy density for power back up applications).