M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics and a leading provider of wireless radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter wave components, today announced that the company has acquired an RF automotive antenna testing facility located in Belleville, Michigan. The facility includes three outdoor ranges, a screen room and an anechoic chamber. The use of the facility is not solely restricted to automotive companies or manufacturers, but is fully available for a range of RF testing to any and all interested parties.

The range facilities are being renovated to IEEE standards and are highlighted by the ‘Vehicle Level’ range, which includes a 40’ turn-table, capable of supporting up to 10,000 pounds. It features a custom made controlled surface (a metalized top), which is the only one of its size in the Detroit metro area. The consistency of the metal surface generates reliable testing results, leading to increased accuracy. Additionally, this range includes a 35’ radius arch, which provides a stable and efficient method for testing satellite systems. With the largest turn-table in the area, it is capable of testing large vehicles and performing off-center automotive antenna testing.

‘Vehicle Range’ Capabilities:

  • Covers VHF, FM, RKE, UHF, GPS, AMPS, PCS and SDARS

  • 50-1000 MHz at a range length of 150 feet, 0 degrees elevation

  • Vertical and horizontal polarizations

  • Right slant, left slant, right-hand circular and left-hand circular polarizations for FM

  • 750-4500 MHz at a range length of 35 feet, 0-90 degree elevations

  • Vertical and horizontal polarization

  • Right-hand circular and left-hand circular polarizations to 3000 MHz

  • Vehicle AM and FM reception patterns using broadcast stations

The second range offers outdoor FCC (Federal Communications Commission) testing equipment for compliance with Part 15 of the FCC Rules and Regulations, as well as compliance with European Standard EN 55022 (BS 6527). The third range features component level testing facilities providing free-space antenna testing having a variable range length of 20 to 100 feet, with a variable-height transmitter up to 30 feet.

The facility’s anechoic chamber, a room that is isolated from external sound or electromagnetic radiation sources, allows for antenna testing in a very small, controlled environment. The site’s screen room is available for pure, low level testing of RF (commercial and satellite radio) broadcasts in an RF clean, interference-free environment.