AWR will demonstrate the benefits of Microwave Office® software integration within Anritsu VectorStar® VNA at EuMW. The demonstration will take place in a joint workshop at 10:40 AM Wednesday, October 12, in Room Central 6.

Having high frequency design tools resident on a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) provides a streamlined work flow that eliminates the time required to transfer measured data to a simulator running on a separate PC or workstation. This is one of the unique advantages provided by AWR Connected™ for Anritsu VectorStar, in which AWR’s Microwave Office software is resident in the Anritsu VectorStar VNA. A new application note entitled “High-Speed Serial Backplane – SERDES Design Example” demonstrates these advantages in the design of a high-speed serial backplane, such as allowing good channel design to be achieved at early development stages and validating the design as it grows in complexity throughout the design process.

Click here for application note.