RFMD announced new RF3232, RF3233 and RF3234 quad-band transmit modules for the final portion of the transmitter section in multi-mode 3G entry handsets and connected devices. These modules are the core of RFMD’s RF323x Power Platform and include 50Ω matched input and output ports, eliminating the need for external PA-to-antenna switch module matching components.

Features include a power margin (33.7dBm low band POUT) for ease of design and calibration, low insertion loss TRx switch ports (0.7dB low band, 1.1dB high band) for improved 3G efficiency, 8 kV ESD protection at antenna port and PowerStar® control.

The modules are optimized for single- and dual-band 3G entry applications including GSM/GPRS and linear EDGE. The products are pin-compatible for scalability and platforming. The modules are also compatible with GSM850/EGSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900 products.