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Frequency Synthesizer: 1018

Cobham Microelectronic Solutions has developed a series of frequency synthesizers designed to meet the stringent phase noise, spurious and harmonic specifications demanded by today’s airborne applications.  Cobham’s 1018 synthesizer measures 2.6 x 2.6 x 0.6 inches, weighs just 0.25 lbs., and delivers full frequency coverage from <450 MHz to >18 GHz in 10 MHz steps with <250 us switching speed. 

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Miniature Sensor Circuit Fabrication

As biosensor circuits continue to get smaller and more complex the need for circuit designers to thoroughly understand both their breakthrough opportunities and manufacturing limitations is critical to medical market success. Metrigraphics has been perfecting advanced circuit manufacturing for decades, and would like to share some tips with you as you explore your next-generation medical or biosensor circuit designs.

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RF Pulse Profiling Power Sensor: LB480A

The LB480A is a high dynamic range RF pulse profiling power sensor that provides the user with a time domain plot of the signals pulse modulation. Internal and external triggered measurements are possible. In addition to pulse profiling measurements, the sensor can continuously make over 2,000 settled average power measurement per second making it ideal for manufacturing test applications. The sensor also makes statistical peak & pulse measurements.

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Nonisolated Inverting Output µmodule® Regulator: LTM4651

Analog Devices Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LTM4651, a nonisolated inverting output µModule® regulator that can generate –26.5 to –0.5 V output from a positive input supply voltage. The LTM4651 operates over a 3.6 to 58 V input voltage range and is housed in a 15 mm x 9 mm x 5.01 mm BGA package, a compact solution, providing –5VOUT, –12VOUT, –15VOUT and –24VOUT from industrial standard 5VIN, 12VIN or 24VIN supplies.

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Custom MMIC’s Circuits Added to X-Microwave’s Modular Design, Production System

X-MWblock System

Custom MMIC announced an expanded collaboration with X-Microwave LLC, developers of a modular/drop-in simulation, prototyping and production system for solderless and reconfigurable RF/microwave circuits up to 67 GHz. The X-MWblockTM system enables efficient and expedient microwave and mmWave circuit development and testing, using industry grade non-linear online simulation tools.

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