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Line of Network Analyzers: AV3672

The Ceyear AV3672 line of network analyzers are cutting edge and have an extremely competitive value proposition without compromising quality. It is offered in 5 different frequency ranges up to 67 GHz, both 2 and 4 port configurations, and frequency range extension up to 500 GHz. 

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Broad Band 100 W Low PIM

MECA’s compact low PIM (-161 dBc Typ) 100 W loads with extended frequency and power handling capabilities. Feature industry leading PIM verified at 1900 MHz at -155 dBc Min all while handling full rated power to 85C. All of the terminations cover 0.380 to 6.000 GHz frequency bands available in Type N, 4.3/10.0 & 7/16 DIN interfaces. 

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AtlanTecRF Expands Cable Assembly Range

AtlanTecRF has launched an expanded range of cable connector options for its standard cable assembly range. New connectors include SMA male straight, SMA male R/A, SMA female bulkhead, Type N male straight, N male R/A, N female bulkhead. These are in addition to the standard SMA male connectors already offered across the company’s cable range. These connector options can be applied to AtlanTecRF’s ASR, ASF and AFX cable series.

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