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Test and Measurement Channel

Test and Measurement related topics


Keysight launches complimentary seminar tours

Keysight Technologies Inc. announced an all-new insight seminar series to help engineers hone their test and measurement skills. The series includes two free seminars, one focused on advanced measurement theory and techniques, the other on core benchtop-instrument measurements

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Anite announces major enhancements to Propsim F32 channel emulator

Anite has introduced several major enhancements to its Propsim F32 LTE-Advanced MIMO radio Channel Emulator, which will enable users to test new 3GPP features (Release 13 and beyond) in multi-mode base stations and mobile devices.

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Pickering Interfaces introduces new high-density LXI switching matrix modules

Test & Measurement

Pickering Interfaces, a leading provider of modular signal switching and instrumentation for use in electronic test and simulation, is expanding its range of LXI switching matrices with the introduction of new high-density matrix modules.

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Keysight expands UXM Wireless Test Set capabilities

Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced expanded capabilities for the E7515A UXM wireless test set. The new features address the rapidly evolving 3GPP LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation advancements.

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GCF approves TD-LTE CA test cases for Anritsu system

Anritsu Co. announces its ME7873L RF/RRM Conformance Test System has achieved more than 80 percent of RF/RRM conformance test cases approval by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) related to LTE-Advanced TD-LTE Carrier Aggregation.

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Cascade Microtech introduces Velox 2.0 probe station control software


Cascade Microtech Inc., a leading supplier of solutions that enable precision measurements of integrated circuits at the wafer level, announced Velox 2.0, the latest version of their probe station control software. Combining the ease of Nucleus™ with the power of ProberBench™, Velox 2.0 delivers new levels of test and measurement efficiency to accelerate time to job completion.

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Anritsu's emergency alert test solution satisfies U.S. operators’ requirements

New test packages for Anritsu Co.'s MD8475A Signaling Tester provide accurate, efficient method to verify devices correctly receive emergency cell broadcast messages.

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ARC Technologies to exhibit at DesignCon 2015

ARC Technologies is showcasing its wide range of capabilities to solve microwave and RF interference, radar absorbing, and EMI control challenges at 2015 DesignCon  in Santa Clara, Calif.

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Vaunix releases 75 ohm, PC-controlled, programmable USB-powered digital attenuator

Vaunix, a manufacturer of USB controlled and powered test equipment, announced the addition of a new 75 ohm model to their family of LDA Series digital attenuators.

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Keysight Technologies’ PXI VNA wins multiple industry awards

Keysight Technologies Inc. announced that it has received three awards for its recently introduced M937XA PXI Vector Network Analyzer.

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Autotestcon 2013

Schaumburg, IL



Laser Test of RIN, LW & Opt Noise Parameters


Keysight OgMentum Sycatus    Keysight Technologies Webcast

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Transmission Line Theory and Advanced Measurements in the Field


Keysight and Tessco    FieldFox Handheld Analyzers Education Series

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A Simple Approach to Signal Via Stubs for Coaxial PCB Connector Launches

When designing printed circuit boards launches for coaxial test connectors, there are a number of aspects to consider in order to get the clearest picture of the intended device under test. Learn a relatively simple approach to modeling back-drilled vias and a rough "rule of thumb" to modeling them without electrical modeling tools.

Build Applications Tailored for Remote Signal Monitoring with the Signal Hound BB60C

The Signal Hound BB60C operates and is powered by connecting to a host PC through a USB 3.0 cable. Remote spectrum analyzer and PC management tasks are accomplished over an Ethernet connection through the use of a low cost Intel vPro- enabled PC, such as the Intel NUC, model DC53427HYE, paired with each BB60C. Intel's vPro technology keeps the Ethernet port powered on, even when the Core i5 processor is turned off, so that it can always receive commands.

Calculating a Calibration Factor

Technicians and engineers use calibration factors when making measurements; but where do these calibration factors really come from?

Modern Architecture Advances Vector Network Analyzer Performance

Modern Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) architectures such as those based on Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) samplers and distributed harmonic generators now offer a beneficial alternative to traditional sampling VNAs. They allow for a simplified architecture and also enable VNAs that are much more cost effective. It is shown that NLTL technology results in miniature VNA reflectometers that provide enhanced performance over broad frequency ranges, and reduced measurement complexity, providing VNA users a unique and compelling solution for their high-frequency measurement needs.

Increase Power Amplifier Test Throughput with the Keysight PXIe Vector Signal Generator and Analyzers

Read this application note for an overview of the key challenges in testing power amplifiers and front end modules with envelope tracking. Learn about how to reduce test cost, achieve fast throughput, and maintain high test quality using the modular Keysight M9381A PXIe VSG, and the M9391A or M9393A PXIe VSA, as well as how to perform high speed harmonic test using the M9393A PXIe VSA.

Output Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) Test Using the TEGAM 1830A RF Power Meter

Do you have confidence that your 50 MHz reference port Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) is within specifications? It is important to have this confidence and by adhering to these procedures, you can be certain that your 50 MHz reference is within the manufactures tolerance!

Techniques for Precise Cable and Antenna Measurements in the Field Using Agilent FieldFox Handheld Analyzers

This application note introduces the practical aspects of cable and antenna testing. It covers interpreting measurement results and instrument operation including calibration options such as CalReady and QuickCal using FieldFox configured as a cable and antenna analyzer. Measurement examples are provided showing techniques for measuring insertion loss, return loss, and locating faults in a transmission system.

Testing S-Parameters on Pulsed Radar Power Amplifier Modules

This Application Note describes testing S-parameters under pulsed conditions. A constant power level calibration is included. A LDMOS S-band radar power transistor is used as example DUT. The pulse profile mode of the R&S ZVA is used to analyze the time-dependent behavior of the DUT.

Wavelex Products Facilitate Both Multi-octave Bench Testing and Multi-system Testing

This paper addresses the use of Wavelex wideband products in test setups for multi-octave and multi-system testing, as well as the advantages of using these wideband products for the testing of narrowband systems. Specific products are presented, along with an example test setup that allows for multi-system testing of ISM 868 MHz, ISM 915 MHz, and avionics transponders at 978 MHz, 1030 MHz, and 1090 MHz, without the need to change components.

Eliminating the Tradeoffs and Limitations of Your Pulse Measurement Test Solution

Next generation radar systems face multiple difficult demands. The pace and variety of new requirements need multi-use/function/mode adaptive radars, to be used for different applications. This whitepaper reviews existing pulse measurement test methods; discusses advantages/limitations; and introduces new test method that takes advantage of high-speed digitizing architecture, offering the industryâ??s highest resolution/timing accuracy level.


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