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Cellular 4G/LTE Channel

Cellular and mobile communications related topics


DragonWave completes propagation testing to improve network performance

DragonWave Inc.
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 DragonWave Inc., a leading global supplier of packet microwave radio systems for mobile and access networks, announced the completion of a series of extensive outdoor small cell backhaul propagation tests that have been conducted with a third party for street level characterization.  

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Small Cell Wireless Backhaul for 4G – Underlying technology Enablers

Erik Boch, Dragonwave, Inc.
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The cellular industry seems to be buzzing with “small cell” fever.  Within the general thrust of implementing small cell outdoor cellular networks, backhaul is seen as one of the major barriers to deployment.  The market for equipment used to provide backhaul to these sites can be generally evaluated by the number of micro-cellular base stations that are forecasted, along with an assessment of whether they’d be backhauled using various, more likely backhaul technologies (i.e. fiber or wireless). Figure 1shows the result of one industry forecast focused on the micro-cellular market.


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Anite demonstrates peak data rates of 300 Mbps using 3 CC CA

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Anite has achieved peak data rate throughput of 300 Mbps with 40 MHz bandwidth using three Component Carrier Aggregation.

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GSA confirms accelerating LTE TDD (TD-LTE) growth and investments

Global mobile Suppliers Association
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The latest Status of the Global LTE TDD Market Report published by the Global mobile Suppliers Association, confirms a rising number of operator commitments to LTE TDD (TD-LTE) network deployments, new commercial service launches, rapid expansion in the choice of user devices and accelerating subscriber growth.

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LTE & LTE-A subscriptions to exceed 430 Million by year-end 2014

ABI Research
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 The growing appetite for on-the-go, real-time information and mobile entertainment services will see the total number of subscribers for 4G LTE and 4.5G LTE-Advanced grow to nearly 411 million and 22 million respectively by year-end 2014. ABI Research’s 4G network deployment tracker anticipates that 45 networks will have commercially launched LTE-Advanced by 4Q 2014.  

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LTE-advanced network deployments make material gains in 2014

ABI Research
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 LTE-Advanced network deployments are becoming a tangible reality in 2014. As of the end of 1Q 2014, ABI Research estimates there were ~60 LTE-advanced trials, commitments and commercial deployments worldwide, of which 22 commitments were from Western Europe, 16 from Asia-Pacific, and 5 from North America. In addition, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is gaining market traction in 2014, providing voice services alongside LTE mobile broadband in a reliable and profitable way. 

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NEC solutions complete interoperability testing at Small Cell LTE Plugfest 2

NEC Corporation
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NEC Corporation successfully completed interoperability testing of its multi-vendor SON and Small Cell Femto Solution at the Small Cell LTE Plugfest 2.

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Anite launches multi-purpose LTE wireless core networking tool

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Anite has launched Triton, an LTE wireless core network testing tool that enables mobile operators and network equipment manufacturers to address growing Quality of Experience testing requirements.

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Infineon Technologies supplies eight RF components for Samsung Galaxy S5

Infineon Technologies
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Infineon Technologies supports Samsung’s Galaxy S5 with a total of eight RF components, including LTE Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs), Quad LNA banks, a GPS LNA and SPDT RF switches.

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Anritsu leads market in eMBMS as GCF validations begin

Anritsu Co.
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 Anritsu, a global leader in wireless telecommunications test equipment, announces that it is the market’s leading supplier of the first industry approved protocol conformance test cases for mobile devices capable of receiving evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS) broadcasts.  

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Brooklyn 5G Summit 2014

NYU Wireless - Brooklyn, NY


Evolutionary & Disruptive Visions Towards Ultra High Capacity Networks

August 18, 2014
With many groups now beginning to consider the drivers for 5th Generation wireless networks, this timely document includes contributions from 20 IWPC member organizations from around the world and aims to advance certain understandings and concepts for adoption in wireless systems to be deployed beyond the year 2020. This 89 page document covers a broad range of 5G topics with emphasis on mm-wave.

Mobile Data Backhaul: The Need For E-Band

February 22, 2013

Now that the need for ultra high capacity radios has become an unofficial requirement with a potentially large market backing it, the call for more spectrum savvy radios is in order. Traditional wisdom would have us assume that the legacy pure-play millimeterwave equipment vendors have this market clenched; however, every time there is a technology shift, as is occurring with the E-Band market, it opens the field up to new market leaders and a new competitive landscape. Thus, we have seen traditional microwave vendors throw their hats into the millimeterwave ring with various levels of commitment from OEMing/private labeling traditional millimeterwave vendors’ radios to designing their own millimeterwave radios.

TU Dresden uses National Instruments Platform for 5G Research

December 13, 2012
Wireless consumer's insatiable demand for bandwidth has spurred unprecedented levels of investment from public and private sectors to explore new ways to increase network capacity. Service providers, now deploying fourth generation networks, are already beginning to look toward and plan for fifth generation networks (5G) to meet the escalating demand. Researchers at TU Dresden (TUD) have begun investigations into 5G technologies using a graphical system design approach and National Instruments' software defined radio platforms. Using the NI platform, TUD researchers significantly compressed the time to transition from concept to prototype.

Solutions for Enabling Fast, Accurate and Efficient Testing of Voice Quality in LTE User Equipment

September 18, 2012
This application note is designed to provide you with the latest insights on how to best address the long list of test requirements when testing the voice quality of LTE UE, with the right VoIP test building blocks. Successfully providing voice support on LTE will require UE developers to bring together a host of new features and capabilities. Many of these items have been around for a while but have not yet been applied to mobile networking. Others are completely new. Regardless, bringing them together will likely cause significant test pain, as they will need to be tested in conjunction with LTE and/or IMS to be fully exercised.

Small-Signal Intermodulation Distortion in OFDM Transmission Systems

August 13, 2012
A system that utilizes OFDM/OFDMA, such as the E-UTRA (LTE) downlink or the IEEE 802.11a/g and the IEEE 802.16 physical layers, transmits OFDM symbols, each comprising a number of modulated sub-carriers carrying data or pilot symbols, with inter-subcarrier spacing being equal to or an integer multiple of a fixed frequency. The channel bandwidth (B) is determined by the number of 'occupied' (modulated) subcarriers and the subcarrier spacing.

IMS Architecture: The LTE User Equipment Perspective

July 17, 2012
The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) dates from 3GPP release 5 almost a decade ago, but is now becoming a reality with the rollout of IMS-based LTE networks. IMS enables convergence on multiple fronts, including access types (fixed, mobile), service types, application control functions and convergence between telephony and traditional data delivery. This paper presents a high-level technical view of the IMS architecture as seen by LTEcapable User Equipment (UE).

Voice and SMS in LTE

April 6, 2012
This white paper summarizes the technology options for supporting voice and short message service (SMS) in LTE, including circuit switched fallback (CSFB), SMS over SGs, and voice over LTE (VoLTE). It includes background information on the standardization process, and the commercial implications for the different options. The white paper also addresses test and measurement requirements resulting from the support of voice and SMS in LTE.

Minimizing PIM Generation From RF Cables and Connectors

March 9, 2012
Understanding mechanical tolerances, coaxial design details and connector materials used in cable assemblies helps produce communications equipment with the lowest levels of passive intermodulation (PIM).

Solutions for LTE-Advanced Physical Layer Design and Test

February 15, 2012
LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) is an emerging mobile communications standard that boasts a number of significant benefits, including the ability to take advantage of advanced topology networks and achieve target peak data rates of 1 Gbps in the downlink and 500 Mbps in the uplink. This white paper covers using signal generation and analysis to overcome challenges associated with carrier aggregation.

Electronically Scanned Arrays for Fast Testing of Large Antennas

February 12, 2012
This paper discuss the adaptation of the fast multi-probe technology to an existing classical planar near field facility through the manufacturing, installation and test of a partial demonstrator in Thales Alenia in Toulouse.


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