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Semiconductors / Integrated Circuits

Semiconductors/MMIC/RFIC related products


NXP and Cohda Wireless RoadLINK achieve top performance in Audi field trial

Audi AG has concluded an extensive field test of NXP Semiconductors and Cohda Wireless vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications technology in Ingolstadt, Germany.

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Infineon and UMC announce manufacturing agreement for automotive applications

Infineon Technologiesand United Microelectronics Corp. have announced the extension of their manufacturing partnership into power semiconductors for automotive applications.

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NXP advises Chinese officials on smart manufacturing

Company representatives from NXP Semiconductors visited Rudong, Jiangsu province, China to exchange ideas on strengthening the development of smart manufacturing in Rudong.

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ESA awards Arralis contract for radar chipsets for use in space

The European Space Agency has awarded Arralis a contract to deliver a 94 GHz radar chipset with space end-use applications, such as unmanned landing of spacecraft and to identify and avoid space debris.

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NXP Semiconductors acquires wearable and BTLE IC Business of Quintic

NXP Semiconductors has entered into a definitive agreement with Quintic to acquire assets and IP related to its Wearable and Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) IC business.

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STMicroelectronics slashes time-to-development with Open.MEMS licensing

STMicroelectronics announced its Open.MEMS program to boost time-to-development with quick and easy single-node evaluation licensing, which went live on November 11, 2014, and will be expanded regularly with additional low-level drivers, middleware/libraries and application-layer code.

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STMicroelectronics tops 5 billion MEMS sensors shipped

 STMicroelectronics has shipped 5 billion MEMS sensors, which combined with its total of more than 3 billion micro-actuators shipped, is claimed to demonstrate that ST is the only company with the expertise to cover the full range of micro-machined silicon devices. 

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ADI and EBV Elektronik sign EMEA distribution franchise agreement

EBV Elektronik and Analog Devices, Inc. have signed a distribution franchise agreement for the EMEA region, except Russia, Ukraine and Israel, effective November 3, 2014.

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UMC joins Fujitsu's new foundry company

United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) and Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd. have announced an agreement for UMC to become a minority shareholder of a newly formed subsidiary of Fujitsu Semiconductor that will include its 300 mm wafer manufacturing facility located in Kuwana, Mie, Japan.

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Investment in Omniradar for developing single-chip radar solutions

Omniradar has closed a round of equity and debt financing of €2.6 million that will be used to bring into production the company’s single-chip radar as a new precision sensor for personal security, industrial automation, environmental monitoring, etc.

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Pulsed GaN Power Transistors

This paper explains the pulsed RF operation of Microsemi pulsed GaN HEMT RF power transistors using as an example the 1011GN-700ELM 1030 MHz Mode-S Enhanced Message Length (ELM) avionics device. General descriptions are presented detailing both the pulsed gate bias operation and the bias sequencing operation of the pulser circuit used on the Microsemi evaluation test fixtures.

Pulsed RF Operation of Microsemi GaN RF Power Transistors

This paper explains the pulsed RF operation of Microsemi pulsed GaN HEMT RF power transistors using as an example the 1011GN-700ELM 1030 MHz Mode-S Enhanced Message Length (ELM) avionics device. General descriptions are presented detailing both the pulsed gate bias operation and the bias sequencing operation of the “pulser” circuit used on the Microsemi evaluation test fixtures.

Understanding VCO Concepts

This application note looks at VCO fundamentals, for typical oscillator designs through tuning sensitivity characteristics. Examples of a Colpitts and Clapp circuit are presented.

High Voltage Inverting Charge Pump Produces Low Noise

Dual-polarity supplies are commonly needed to operate electronics such as op amps, drivers, or sensors, but there is rarely a dual-polarity supply available at the point of load. The LTC®3260 is an inverting charge pump (inductorless) DC/DC converter with dual low noise LDO regulators that can produce positive and negative supplies from a single wide input (4.5V to 32V) power source. It can switch between high efficiency Burst Mode® operation and low noise constant frequency mode, making it attractive for both portable and noise-sensitive applications.

Biasing Constant Current MMICs

The Mini-Circuits family of microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) Darlington amplifiers offers the RF designer multi-stage performance in packages that look like a discrete transistor.

New GaN FETs, Amplifiers and Switches Offer System Engineers a Way to Reduce RF Board Space and System Prime Power

Ever-increasing demands for faster product launch times, higher performance, lower part counts and reduced costs create RF system design challenges. This paper focuses on how the latest gallium nitride (GaN) products, specifically discrete transistors, amplifiers and switches, offer design engineers enhanced flexibility and performance options by reducing RF board space and system prime power requirements.

Small-Signal Intermodulation Distortion in OFDM Transmission Systems

A system that utilizes OFDM/OFDMA, such as the E-UTRA (LTE) downlink or the IEEE 802.11a/g and the IEEE 802.16 physical layers, transmits OFDM symbols, each comprising a number of modulated sub-carriers carrying data or pilot symbols, with inter-subcarrier spacing being equal to or an integer multiple of a fixed frequency. The channel bandwidth (B) is determined by the number of 'occupied' (modulated) subcarriers and the subcarrier spacing.

Multicarrier TD-SCMA Feasibility

There are several options for the architecture of the transmit signal path. The factors that impact transmit signal elements are introduced, followed by a discussion of the different architectures. Figure 1 shows a direct conversion architecture for an initial point of reference only. Section 6 of 3GPP TS 25.105 describes the transmit signal requirements used throughout this discussion.

Harmonic Mixer Primer: The Gateway to the Millimeter Wave Frontier is Harmonic Mixer Technology

The next frequency frontier is the millimeter wave (mm-wave) band, which occupies the 30 GHz to 300 GHz spectrum (wavelengths from 10 to 1 mm). Emerging applications now span radio astronomy, communication, imaging, space research, and homeland security, and are starting to seriously populate this vast spectrum resourse. Market forecast and limited available spectrum suggest that attractive growth is just over the horizon so explorers are naturally migrating to stake their claim in this next frontier.

Small-Signal Intermodulation Distortion in OFDM Transmission Systems

The small-signal nonlinear distortion of a system can be described with sufficient accuracy using a third order Volterra expansion of the output in terms of the input. This simple model assumes a memoryless, frequency independent amplifier system, whereby the amplifier characteristics remain constant over the operation bandwidth or, stated equivalently, the operation bandwidth is small compared with the available amplifier system bandwidth....


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