White Papers

Concepts of Orthogonal Frequency Domain Modulation (OFDM)

By Dave Whipple, Agilent Technologies

Fast Switching Signal Generator


Designing RF, Mixed-Technology Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards with both analog and digital circuitry are nearly universal. Recently, integration of RF circuitry in addition to the mixed analog and digital circuits has become more common. Problems arise because the PCB design tools have been ignorant of RF shapes printed on the board and a great deal of manual work was required to achieve a functioning product. Now, Mentor has teamed with RF Design Tool suppliers, such as Agilent, to bring the first integrated RF-PCB system tool.

Crosstalk Measurement, Extraction and Validation in 10 Gbps Serial Systems

Connectors are a significant source of crosstalk noise in a system, which could increase jitter in the resulting eye pattern. Since crosstalk jitter is uncorrelated from the link data pattern, it is hard to remove through equalization techniques. This paper provides a process to extract accurate coupled models from connectors. It also describes how modeling was used to predict crosstalk noise in a 10 Gbps channel and shows how a small percentage of connector crosstalk can have a significant impact on the over all signal distortion, if the connector pin assignment is done randomly.

3G/4G Multimode Cellular Front End Challenges, Part 2: Architecture Discussion

Key Concepts Discussed: Multiple architecture options available to fill different design needs for 3G/4G cellular front ends. Mode-specific architectures optimized for performance. Converged multi-mode architectures optimized for smallest size, lowest cost of implementation, and flexible band scalable platforms.
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