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Hybrid-Active Load Pull with PNA-X and Maury Microwave

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6/12/12 1:00 pm to 6/12/12 2:00 pm EDT

Innovations in Network Analysis Webcast Series

Hybrid-Active Load Pull with PNA-X and Maury Microwave

June 12, 2012; 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM UTC

Why this webcast is important:
Traditional mechanical load pull techniques have relied heavily on Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) for the initial calibration of the system but did not make use of these instruments during measurements. Instead, comprehensive tuner calibrations (characterizations) and Power Meters were used to determine the input power available to the device under test (DUT) and output power delivered from the DUT by measuring the absolute power and de-embedding through the characterized S-Parameters of the tuner. Disadvantages of this technique include the requirement of lengthy and accurate pre-characterization of each tuner and the repeatability of said tuners over time, as well as the ability to only measure available power and not truly delivered power. Vector-Receiver Load Pull (VRLP) relies on a VNA (or vector receiver) as the core measurement tool, measuring the a- and b-waves associated with the DUT in real-time. From these waves, the large signal input impedance of the DUT can be determined, and the actual delivered input and output powers are calculated.

Active and Hybrid-Active load pull takes VRLP one step further by using an active tuning chain (externally injected signal with magnitude and phase control) as a replacement of the mechanical tuner (active load pull) or to augment the mechanical tuner (hybrid load pull) by increasing the reflected power to the DUT. Active and hybrid load pull systems are ideal for high-VSWR, high-speed fundamental and harmonic load pull for in-fixture and on-wafer applications.

During this webcast you will learn the theory and implementation of modern load pull methodologies and how they relate to the PNA-X and advanced measurement techniques.

Who should view this webcast:
This webcast is ideal for engineers, technicians, managers working in the design and characterization of transistors and amplifiers, and those wanting to update their knowledge of load pull techniques and methodologies.

Steve Dudkiewicz, Director of Business Development, Maury Microwave
Steve Dudkiewicz is Director of Business Development at Maury Microwave Corp. and is based in Toronto, Canada. Steve holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal Canada and has spent the past seven years working in the device characterization, measurement and modeling industry with a concentration on load pull and noise parameter measurements between 40 MHz and 110 GHz. Steve is the author of over a dozen application notes and has been published in Microwave Journal and Microwaves & RF magazines as well as having presented at numerous IEEE events. Steve is a regular presenter and participant in Agilent workshops and seminars across the globe.


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