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Understanding Radio Channel - Part 1: Bridging the Gap between Lab and Field Tests for LTE

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2/22/12 1:00 pm to 2/22/12 2:00 pm EDT

Understanding Radio Channel

Presented by Elektrobit Corp..

The consumer demand for better, "smarter", and faster devices has necessitated the use of new techniques in order to increase the throughput of wireless links. Within LTE, MIMO is the most promising technique for maximizing data capacity.

To guarantee the reliable functionality of LTE products, it is essential to accurately capture its veritable performance, with consideration of all MIMO-relevant channel characteristics BEFORE the product leaves the R&D phase.

In the field, we have access to all imaginable combinations of MIMO-relevant characteristics but no power to control them. In the lab, we can manipulate all relevant parameters but we lack access to all of the possible combinations.

This webinar offers you the insight needed to bridge the gap between the lab and the field by means of the virtual drive test; which seamlessly delivers the most remarkable representation of the real world environment right to your lab.

Mr. Tommi Jamsa received his M.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Oulu in 1995. He started his post-graduate studies in 2002. He joined Solitra Oy, Finland, in 1990. In 1993, he moved to Elektrobit (EB), Finland. He was nominated as a Product Manager of the first Propsim radio channel emulator in 1995. In the beginning, his responsibilities were further development, production and marketing of Propsim radio channel emulators. In 2002, he was nominated as a Research Manager. His tasks included internal research projects and leading of channel model work package in European IST-WINNER project. Mr. Jamsa  has contributed to over 100 scientific papers and holds several patents in the field of wireless testing. He is also a frequent speaker in wireless conferences. Since 2006, he has contributed channel models and test methodologies to several international forums such as WiMAX Forum, 3GPP, and ITU-R. In 2008, he chaired the correspondence forum for DG-EVAL Channel Model in ITU-R WP5D. Currently he is managing radio channel product roadmaps in EB.

Mr. Janne Kolu received his MSc degree in Physics from the University of Oulu Finland in 2000. He joined Elektrobit Ltd, Finland, in 1999, where his activities have included channel modeling research and radio channel emulator development projects. He has contributed to EU COST projects and also to 3GPP standardization work. At EB he has held several different positions related to the development of advanced radio channel emulation tools. Mr. Kolu has contributed to several scientific articles and he holds several patents. He is currently Vice President at EB.

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Click HERE to download a PDF file of the webinar slides.


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