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Understanding RF and Microwave Analysis Basics


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1/30/17 1:00 pm to 1/30/17 2:00 pm EST

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Keysight RF and Microwave Basics Education

Title: Understanding RF and Microwave Analysis Basics

Date: January 30, 2017

Time:  10am PT/ 1pm ET

Why this webcast is important:
Want to learn the basics of RF analysis or how to optimize your measurements?

This session will discuss key fundamentals. With increasingly complex design and measurement challenges and rapidly changing technology, engineers must have a strong foundation in basic measurement and simulation techniques in RF analysis. We will also cover different types of basics measurements, and the use of a spectrum analyzer and signal generator.

Who should view this webcast?:
Engineers and technicians involved in the design, manufacturing, and test of RF and microwave components or systems.

Kimberly Casaccia is an engineer at Keysight Technologies, focused on product line brand management of the X-Series signal generators. Since joining Keysight, she has also worked as a solutions marketing engineer for satellite and NewSpace test solutions, and as a technical support engineer, primarily supporting Keysight’s vector signal analysis software. Kimberly graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.