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FEKO Webinar Series 2015


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Radar Cross Section & Antenna Placement on a Ship at Sea

Due to the size and complexity of a Navy ship at sea, proper calculation of radar cross section and of antenna coverage has long been elusive. This webinar will show how, with hybrid numerical methods available today, it has become possible. The practical pros and cons of various methods are introduced, after which results for a broad frequency range will be shown, up to many GHz for a realistic large Navy frigate.

Presenter:  Martin Vogel

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EM Design in the Electronics Industry

This webinar covers FEKO’s role in the design and optimization cycle’s typical to the electronics industry. These include early stage antenna selection, automated optimization, tolerance analysis and what-if trade-off investigations. Antenna integration, matching and performance for various conditions are also discussed.

Presenter:  Peter Futter

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Efficient Antenna Array Design

FEKO contains various techniques for the efficient modeling of antenna arrays during the design process.  The application and advantages of techniques such as periodic boundary conditions (PBC), the domain Green's function method (DGFM) and equivalent sources for efficient array modeling are demonstrated in this webinar.

Presenter: Johan Huysamen

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The Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA) Advantage

In this webinar we cover some of the theory of CMA, as well as present several new case studies highlighting the CMA design advantage. These include optimum feeding and placement of antennas on platforms and decoupling of antenna elements in a MIMO configuration.

Presenter:  Peter Futter

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An Introduction to FEKO

This webinar is aimed primarily at new users of FEKO.  Topics include the user interface, model set-up, solver selection and a few tips and tricks, mainly by means of demonstrations.

Presenter:  Mel van Rooyen

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Radomes with Frequency Selective Surfaces

Radomes (radar domes) are used in a wide variety of applications - satellites, broadcast,weather, communications,telemetry, tracking, surveillance and radio astronomy. In this webinar we present a complete solution for the design and analysis of radomes.  We also discuss in detail the challenges and the solutions to the design and analysis of Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) radomes.

Presenter:  Dr CJ Reddy

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