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Techniques for Analyzing Millimeter Wave Signals Using Harmonic Mixing


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7/17/14 1:00 pm to 7/17/14 2:00 pm EDT

Event Description

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RF and Microwave Education Series

Title: Techniques for Analyzing Millimeter Wave Signals Using Harmonic Mixing

Date: July 17, 2014

Time: 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 5pm UTC

Presented by: Scott Leithem, Technical Support Engineer, Agilent Technologies

Why this webcast is important:
As the RF and microwave spectrum become more crowded, more and more applications are utilizing the millimeter-wave spectrum. This industry trend introduces new test and measurement challenges. Applications are pushing the limits of frequencies that are utilized, and as a result, modern test solutions are being developed to overcome the challenges of millimeter-wave measurements. It is often necessary to analyze signals whose carrier frequencies are above the internal range of currently available signal analyzers. During this webcast, the challenges of using external mixers will be discussed, and the current methods and techniques for meeting these challenges will be detailed. Signal identification, a software technique used to reduce the images that often complicate measurements using unpreselected harmonic mixers, will be thoroughly assessed as a valid way to make spectral measurements on wideband signals.

Who should view this webcast:
Engineers and technicians working at millimeter-wave frequencies. Application areas include 5G, millimeter-wave back haul, satellite and 802.11ad.

Presenter Information:
Scott is an engineer at Agilent Technologies supporting the X-Series Signal Analyzers and wireless applications. Scott has worked extensively with spectrum/signal analyzers and signal analysis techniques.