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Addressing Design & Test Challenges for the LTE-Advanced Standard


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7/15/14 1:00 pm to 7/15/14 2:00 pm EDT

Event Description

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Addressing Design and Test Challenges for the New LTE-Advanced Standard

Date: July 15, 2014

Time: 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 5pm UTC

Presented by: Sheri DeTomasi, Program Manager, Software and Modular Solutions Division, Agilent Technologies

Why this webcast is important:
Understand the complexities, challenges and test methods that will give you more insight into your multi-channel tests. While LTE-Advanced brings the promise of higher data rates, designing and testing devices that include new carrier aggregation with wider transmissions bandwidths up to 100 MHz and MIMO technologies that support up to 8x8 signal processing will require new flexible measurement platforms. This webinar provides an overview of LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation and MIMO technologies and the associated design and test challenges. It describes critical measurements and different test methodologies that can be used for complex multi-antenna techniques including MIMO spatial multiplexing, beamforming and MIMO implemented with carrier aggregation. Examples and tradeoffs are described for both benchtop and modular instruments.

Who should view:
Design engineers, test engineers, test engineering managers, design engineering managers, in the basestation, microcell, picocell and mobile device industries.

Presenter Information:
Sheri is a Program Manager responsible for LTE-Advanced Multi-channel applications marketing for the modular solutions organization. In her 29 years at HP/Agilent Technologies, Sheri has held a variety of positions in production engineering, quality, technical support, and product marketing. 20 plus years have been focused on modular platforms including PXI, AXIe, VXI, and proprietary modular platforms. In 2012/13 she managed the product marketing team to introduce Agilent’s new RF PXI Source and Analyzer used for LTE-A multi-channel applications.