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Designing Custom Filters using Direct Synthesis and Network Transforms


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6/26/14 1:00 pm to 6/26/14 2:00 pm EDT

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Innovations in EDA Webcast

Title: Designing Custom Filters using Direct Synthesis and Network Transforms

Date:  Wednesday, June 26

Time:  10am PT

Why this webcast is important:
Unlike designing filters using template scaling of known topologies, direct synthesis starts from designing the custom filter response, followed by synthesizing all possible filter topologies from the customized filter transfer function. You then select the topology that is most economical and convenient for realization. Additional network transforms are then applied to the chosen topology for practical implementation into lumped and/or distributed circuits. Learn how to use this powerful direct synthesis technique for the design of custom filters, diplexers and matching networks from examples in a new book titled Filter Synthesis presented by the author.

Who should view:
RF, Microwave and Analog circuit or system designers who need to implement custom filter response such as notches, diplexers and multiplexers for their applications.

Presenter Info:
Randy Rhea, Founder, Eagleware / Elanix Corporation
Randy Rhea graduated at the University of Illinois (69) and Arizona State (73), and worked at the Boeing Company, Goodyear Aerospace and Scientific-Atlanta. He founded Eagleware Corporation and Noble Publishing, which were acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2005 and by SciTech Publishing in 2006, respectively. He has authored numerous papers and four books, and has taught workshops to over a thousand engineers worldwide at symposium, companies and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is retired and resides with his wife of 44 years in an antebellum plantation home near Thomasville, Georgia.