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A Guide to the Design of Laminate PCBs at Microwave Frequencies


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5/22/14 11:00 am to 5/22/14 12:00 pm EDT

Event Description

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Technical Education Webcast Series

Title:  A Guide to the Design of Laminate PCBs at Microwave Frequencies

Date:  May 22, 2014

Time:  8am PT/ 11am ET/ 3pm UTC

Presented by:  Liam Devlin, CEO, Plextek RF Integration

Sponsored by:  Anritsu Co.

Laminate PCB technology is now routinely used for the realization of low cost subsystems operating at frequencies up to around 40 GHz. The wide availability of microwave components in SMT compatible packages and low cost, high performance laminate PCB materials have made this possible. However, careful design and attention to detail is vital in order to avoid serious performance issues at microwave frequencies. This webinar will present guidelines and useful tips for optimizing the performance of SMT based laminate PCBs operating at microwave frequencies.

Presenter Bio:
Liam Devlin joined Plextek in 1996 to develop its RF IC design capability. He was director of the RF Integration team prior to the formation of Plextek RF Integration. He has led the design and development of over 70 full custom ICs on a range of GaAs and Si processes at frequencies up to 90 GHz. He has also led programs to develop microwave and mmwave modules and sub-systems using a variety of technologies. He was previously Chief Designer with Marconi Caswell where he designed GaAs ICs for both the commercial product line and for customer specific applications. Prior to this, Liam was employed by Philips Research Laboratories. He graduated from Leeds University in 1988 and has published over 40 technical papers.