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E-Band Wireless Backhaul: System Design & Test Challenges


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3/27/14 1:00 pm to 3/27/14 2:00 pm EDT

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Agilent Technologies Webcast

E-Band Wireless Backhaul: System Design & Test Challenges

March 27, 2014; 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 5pm UTC

Presented by: Sangkyo Shin, Digital Communications System Specialist, and Daren McClearnon, System-level EDA Segment Manager, both of Agilent Technologies

Requirements for expanded coverage and higher data rates for 4G/LTE smartphones are pushing the wireless industry to supplement traditional macro cells with many new smaller, local cells. However, all this heterogeneous network ("HetNet") data must go somewhere, requiring backhaul links over > 1 Gbps. The capital and operating expense of provisioning fiber at a rapidly expanding number of sites is forcing service providers to look for cheaper and more flexible alternatives using wireless links. While today's crowded wireless bands do not have enough remaining spectrum, recent technology advances are dropping the cost and improving the reliability of millimeter-wave links, in bands where spectrum is more readily available.

This webcast will explore a system-level approach to the design and verification challenges of E-Band (60-90 GHz) wireless backhaul systems, as well as their components. System, RF, and Baseband architectures will be explored, as well as design approaches and verification strategies that cross multiple disciplines. These techniques are important for reducing R&D costs at difficult frequencies, while preserving flexibility for continually-evolving regulatory and signaling environments.

Wireless System Architects and Verifiers who are looking to reduce both R&D costs and project risks will benefit from this webcast, as will their Engineering Management. The webcast will also be of interest to RF Component designers (RFIC/MMIC), baseband DSP algorithm designers (ASIC/FPGA), researchers, and consultants.

Sangkyo Shin is a Digital Communications System Specialist in Agilent's EEsof Division. He has extensive application development experience across the Wireless, RF/uWave and Aerospace/Defense industries.

Daren McClearnon is a Segment Manager for System-Level design products within Agilent’s EEsof EDA organization.  He has held engineering and management roles in the EDA industry since 1985, including Field, Services, and Product Marketing for a variety of RF and communication products.  He graduated with a BSEE from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) and has worked at TI, HP, and Agilent Technologies.