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Analysis of FMCW Radar Signals in Automotive Applications


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3/25/14 11:00 am to 3/25/14 12:00 pm EDT

Event Description

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Technical Education Webinar Series

Title: Analysis of FMCW Radar Signals in Automotive Applications

Presented by:
Dr. Steffen Heuel, Technology Manager, and Herbert Schmitt, Product Manager, both of the Test and Measurement Division, Rohde & Schwarz, Munich

Sponsored by: Rohde & Schwarz

Date: March 25, 2014

Time: 8am PT/ 11am ET/ 3pm UTC

The all-weather capability of radar sensors is an important argument for many driver assistant systems. Measurement accuracy and resolution depend on the radar sensor and the used waveform. Automotive radars often apply continuous wave signals of high bandwidth in combination with digital beamforming techniques to measure range, radial velocity and azimuth angle unambiguously and in multitarget situations. These high-performance sensors and the high reliability demanded in the automotive industry require reliable and fast test solutions. This webinar explains radar signal processing of waveforms such as multifrequency shift keying and chirp sequences, focusing on fully automated CW signal analysis solutions for research, development and production of automotive radar sensors.

Attendees will learn:
- Understanding of radar signal processing and waveforms
- Test and measurement of continuous waveforms
- Fully automated signal measurements and stochastic analysis

Presenter Information:
Dr. Steffen Heuel is technology manager in the Test and Measurement Division of Rohde & Schwarz in Munich, with focus on aerospace and defense. His responsibilities include strategic marketing and product portfolio development regarding radar and EW. Steffen joined Rohde & Schwarz in 2013. Prior to this, he worked at Hamburg University of Technology researching in radar for pedestrian protection for use in automotive safety applications. He holds a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Siegen, Germany, and a PhD from Hamburg University of Technology, Germany.


Herbert Schmitt is product manager in the Test and Measurement Division of Rohde & Schwarz in Munich. He is responsible for spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers, focusing on issues related to aerospace and defense (A&D). Herbert joined Rohde & Schwarz in 1986. He holds a Diplom degree (Dipl. Ing.) in electrical engineering from the Universität der Bundeswehr München (German Armed Forces University Munich).