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Radome Analysis Techniques in FEKO

Presenter:          Gopinath Gampala: Senior Application Engineer

This webinar discusses the numerical methods and special features available for the design and analysis of radomes. These include planar multi-layered substrates and periodic boundary analysis for frequency selective surfaces (FSS). The Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM), efficient ray-launching Geometrical Optics (RL-GO), and the Thin Dielectric Sheet (TDS) approximation are the options available for the analysis of electrically large radomes.

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LUA Scripting & General Automation in FEKO

Presenter:          Andries Maritz:  Engineer

Scripting has been made available to the user interface components of FEKO.  With scripting, it is possible to extend and customise the user interface to automate tasks and process data.  In this webinar we will demonstrate and highlight the basic concepts of scripting and introduce some helpful resources to assist the user.  Several practical examples will also be shown, varying from simple productivity tweaks through to advanced data processing.

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HPC Usage in FEKO

Presenter:          Dr Ulrich Jakobus: Director  & FEKO Product Manager

This webinar will demonstrate the advantages of advanced solution options that FEKO offers independent from the various solutions techniques or applications to specific electromagnetic problems:

  • Parallel processing for multicore machines
  • Parallel processing for clusters of computers (and hybrid multicore clusters)
  • GPU computing
  • Remote launching
  • Integration into queuing systems
  • Advanced licencing options like premium floating allowing to split the GUI and KERNEL components

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Tips & Tricks in FEKO

Presenter:          Danie le Roux : Team Leader FEKO Support

In this webinar we will demonstrate features and methods across the FEKO Suite that will assist users to efficiently construct models, solve models and view the results.

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Overview of FEKO Suite 7.0

Date:                     Wednesday 30 April 2014

Time:                     17:00 (UTC +2)

Presenter:          Dr Jordi Soler:  Business Development Manager - FEKO

This webinar will highlight the new features in the FEKO Suite 7.0 release and their application to the solution of practical electromagnetic problems. As the major feature in FEKO 7.0, we will be introducing the Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method as a new addition into FEKO's wide set of solvers. The webinar will cover, among others, the functionalities, workflow and some examples of how users will be able to work with and take profit from FDTD.

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EM Field Considerations in Healthcare

Date:     Wednesday 18 June 2014

Time:     17:00 (UTC+2)

Presenter:  Peter Futter : Application Engineer

Repeatedly, systems that are developed for the healthcare industry are at the technology forefront, striving towards ubiquitous computing.  These include remote patient monitoring, drug delivery and treatment, active implanted devices and sophisticated imaging systems like MRI.  In many of these systems wireless telemetry is embraced, utilizing spectrum from the low MHz to tens of GHz depending on the application. From vital sensor networks and active implanted devices to MRI systems and MW imaging: each and every technology has its own challenges, which are made more critical due to the proximity of the patient or medical personnel.  Safety is paramount and strictly controlled by relevant standards.  This webinar will cover several case studies highlighting how electromagnetics simulation is applied to develop technology for the healthcare industry.

Attendees will gain insight into some typical challenges related to the RF design and safety of healthcare systems and the role that simulation is playing to solve them.

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