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Recent Developments in Continuous Mode RF PA Design


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2/3/14 to 2/3/14

Event Description

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Title: Recent Developments in Continuous Mode RF PA Design

Sponsor: AWR Corp.

Presenter: Prof. Steve C. Cripps, Distinguished Research Professor,Cardiff University

In this keynote talk from EuMW 2013 MicroApps, Dr. Steve Cripps takes the well publicized continuous mode power amplifier (PA) theory into some new territory. He introduces a novel and powerful new design methodology based on “clipping contours.” The clipping contours methodology allows the designer to design broader bandwidth PA matching networks in such a manner as to avoid voltage clipping. This leads to very linear, optimally efficient designs. The EuMW 2013 MicroApps sponsors were AWR, Rohde & Schwarz and Horizon House/EDI CON with this special online version sponsored by AWR.

Presenter bio:
Dr. Cripps obtained his Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Cambridge University in the 1970s. After working for a few years with the pioneering Gallium Arsenide group at Plessey Research, he emigrated to the US where he spent 15 years holding various engineering and management positions at Watkins Johnson, Loral, and Celeritek. In 1996 he returned to the UK. He worked as an independent consultant before taking on an academic post at Cardiff University, where he is currently a Distinguished Research Professor. Steve has authored several best-selling books on RF PA design, and is a regular contributor to the IEEE Microwave Magazine with his popular “Microwave Bytes” column. Prof. Cripps is a Fellow of the IEEE and was the 2008 recipient of the IEEE Microwave Application Award.