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Understanding Low Phase Noise Signals


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2/20/14 1:00 pm to 2/20/14 2:00 pm EST

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Agilent in Aerospace/Defense – Webcast Series

Title: Understanding Low Phase Noise Signals

Date: February 20, 2014

Times: 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET

Presenter: Riadh Said, Product Manager Signal Sources, Agilent Technologies

Phase noise is a fundamental performance characteristic and its tradeoffs include cost, switching speed and optimization for wide vs. narrow offsets. Some signal generators offer two or more levels of phase noise performance, and may allow optimization for wide or narrow offsets. This webcast explains phase noise performance implications, the application-specific requirements, and tradeoffs that affect these applications. It also discusses related signal-generation technologies such as frequency references, frequency converters (i.e., frequency dividers and mixers), and frequency synthesis.

Engineers developing RADAR, EW, Satellite, or OFDM based receivers and transmitters.

Presenter Bio:
Riadh Said is a Sources Platform Manager for Agilent’s Signal Sources Business. Riadh joined Agilent Technologies in 2001 as a Technical Support Engineer. During his 12 years with Agilent, he has held the following positions:

  • Applications Specialist, focused on product planning and marketing of signal generation software for cellular markets. He has been responsible for defining, marketing, and supporting products for HSPA+, W-CDMA, GSM, and cdma2000.
  • Sales Development Engineer, where he worked with account managers to develop strategic customer relationships in Aerospace/Defense and mobile communications markets.
  • Technical Support Engineer, which he helped solve numerous customer problems across multiple wireless industries.

Riadh graduated with a B.S. in Mechatronic Engineering from Chico State University.