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RF and Microwave Amplifier Power Added Efficiency, Fact and Fiction


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11/6/13 11:00 am to 11/6/13 12:00 pm EDT

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Technical Education Webinar Series

Title: RF and Microwave Amplifier Power Added Efficiency, Fact and Fiction

Date & Time: November 6, 2013; 8 AM PT/ 11 AM ET/ 4 PM UTC

Sponsored by: AWR Corp. and Cree

Presented by: Dominic FitzPatrick, Specialist Consultant in RF and Microwave Amplifier Design, PoweRFul Microwave

Two obvious factors have increased the emphasis on improving the efficiency of amplifiers, mobile applications and energy costs. However, more efficient amplifiers generate less heat and hence improve reliability, in addition to requiring less exotic cooling methods. Lower operating temperatures also increase output power and gain. Numerous papers have been published with headline efficiency figures >70%, but when and where are these practically achievable?

This presentation seeks to explain the operation of solid state RF & Microwave amplifiers from an efficiency perspective. The key operating modes are explored and the implications of basing a design on them, particularly the demands on other circuit elements, clarified. Amplifier design is about balancing the performance trade-offs, particularly selecting the most appropriate device technology, device size and topology. Using nonlinear CAD simulations, these effects are shown aiding component and system designers to understand the solutions available and the cost/benefit implications.

Presenter Bio:
Dr. Dominic FitzPatrick is the Principal Consultant at PoweRFul Microwave. He has specialized in RF & Microwave Solid State Amplifier technology since 1984. As Technical Director of two British microwave amplifier companies, he was responsible for technological innovation and new product development, serving customers worldwide. In 2007 he began a three year research project at Cardiff University focused on novel ultra wideband design techniques, a PhD program funded by the UK Defence Technology Centre. Dominic's other credentials include a B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Solid State Microwave Physics, both from Portsmouth University. He has an Industrial Studies Diploma jointly awarded by Portsmouth Polytechnic and the Marconi Company. He is the author of the chapter on Microwave Hybrid Amplifier Realization, in the recent publication Handbook of RF and Microwave Amplifiers, Cambridge University Press.