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The Design of Class F, Inverse Class F and Continuous Class F Power Amplifiers using Cree GaN HEMTs and AWR’s Microwave Office


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3/26/13 11:00 am to 3/26/13 12:00 pm EST

Event Description

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The Design of Class F, Inverse Class F and Continuous Class F Power Amplifiers using Cree GaN HEMTs and AWR’s Microwave Office

Date & Time
March 26, 2013; 8 AM PT/ 11 AM ET/ 3 PM UTC

This webinar will concentrate on the design of power amplifiers employing GaN HEMTs to maximize power added efficiencies by the investigation of optimum source and load-pull at both fundamental and harmonic frequencies. The load-pull scripts that are available in Microwave Office software have been used extensively to find the optimum trade-offs in power gain, efficiency, stability etc.. The webinar will specifically describe the basis of Class F PA design as well as inverse Class F and a relatively new approach called continuous Class F which allows greater bandwidths to be realized. Several practical design examples will be given including the inspection of voltage and current waveforms for both packaged and bare die transistors in the 10 to 25 watt power range for frequencies up to 2.5 GHz.

Ray Pengelly, Cree RF Products, and Mark Saffian, AWR® Corp.

Ray Pengelly, Cree RF Products
Raymond S. Pengelly (M’1986 – F’011) gained his BSc. and MSc. degrees from Southampton University, England in 1969 and 1973 respectively. He worked for the Plessey Company in the UK from 1969 to 1986 in a variety of engineering roles with increasing seniority. From 1978 to 1986 he managed the world-renowned GaAs MMIC department at Plessey Research, Caswell.

In 1986 he was employed by Tachonics Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey where he was Executive Director of Design for analog and microwave GaAs MMICs. He joined Compact Software, Paterson, New Jersey in 1989 as Vice President of Marketing and Sales, where he was responsible for the development of state-of-the-art computer-aided design tools to the RF, microwave and light-wave industries.

Starting in 1993, he was employed by Raytheon Commercial Electronics, Andover, Massachusetts, in a number of positions including MMIC Design and Product Development Manager and Director of Advanced Products and New Techniques. Under these capacities he managed a growing team to develop new products for emerging markets including power amplifiers for Wireless Local Loop applications using pHEMT technology, Si-Ge mixed signal products, flip chip and chip scale packaging as well as new subsystem techniques such as I/Q pre-distortion.

Since August 1999, he has been employed by Cree Inc. in Durham, North Carolina. Initially, he was the General Manager for Cree Microwave responsible for bringing Cree’s wide bandgap transistor technology to the commercial market-place. From September 2005 he became responsible for strategic business development of wide bandgap technologies for RF and microwave applications for Cree and most recently has been involved in the commercial release of GaN HEMT transistors and MMICs for general purpose and telecommunications applications.

He has written over 120 technical papers, 4 technical books, holds 14 patents and is both a Fellow of the IEEE and Fellow of the IET.

Mark Saffian, AWR® Corp.
Mark Saffian earned the BSEE degree from The University of Texas at Austin. Since graduation, he has accumulated 8 years of R&D experience (Texas Instruments, TriQuint Semiconductor, Anritsu) and over 20 years of field applications experience in EDA, first at Compact Software (acquired by Ansoft/Ansys) and, for the last 10 years, at AWR Corp. Mr. Saffian has authored numerous papers for publication and live presentations, has been a member of IEEE for 29 years, and served a 4-year term on the Editorial Technical Advisory Board for IEEE Spectrum. Outside of work, his hobbies include motorcycling, maintaining a 40 year old British car, and working on his farm.