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MIMO Radar – Demystified

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2/28/13 11:00 am to 2/28/13 12:00 pm EST

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Technical Education Training Series

MIMO Radar – Demystified

Date: February 28, 2013

Time: 8:00 AM PT/ 11:00 AM ET/ 4:00 PM UTC

Dr. Eli Brookner, Principal Engineering Fellow,Raytheon Company

Rohde & Schwarz

This webinar will explain Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) in simple terms and detail its performance advantages and disadvantages. Contrary to claims, MIMO does not provide an order of magnitude or better angle resolution and accuracy than conventional arrays. Instead, it is about the same. MIMO radar makes sense for combining radars for increased sensitivity. This webinar will also show how useful MIMO is and how it allows the use of a 29% smaller antenna while maintaining angle accuracy.

Presenter Bio:
Dr. Eli Brookner received his MEE and DrSc from Columbia University ’55 and ’62; BEE from CCNY, ’53.

Brookner has worked at Raytheon Company since 1962. He is a Principal Engineering Fellow and has worked on radars for air traffic control, military defense, space and navigation. Prior to Raytheon, Dr. Brookner was at Columbia University Electronics Research Lab. [now RRI], Nicolet and Rome AF Lab.

Dr. Brookner received the IEEE 2006 Dennis J. Picard Medal for Radar Technology & Application, IEEE ’03 Warren White Award, Journal of the Franklin Institute Premium Award for best paper for 1966, and IEEE Wheeler Prize for Best Applications Paper for 1998. He is a Fellow of IEEE, AIAA and MSS.

Dr. Brookner has published four books on tracking, phased arrays and radar. Over 10,000 people have attended his courses in 25 countries. He’s been a banquet and keynote speaker 12 times. He has over 230 publications, over 100 invited. Dr. Brookner has six papers in Books of Reprints.


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