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Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations
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SEDU provides communication system OEMs access to the broadest array of optical and wireless communication products.  These products play an essential part in supporting the global communications infrastructure. Sumitomo Electric's world-class research and manufacturing capabilities in optical and mobile technologies continue to expand and strengthen our product portfolio, while maintaining industry-leading levels of reliability with our accumulated technologies combined with resources for product development, manufacturing, quality assurance and sales engineering.



Two GaN Power Amplifiers: F514 / F501

Sumitomo Electric has added two GaN power amplifiers for X-Band radar applications. The F514 has a typical saturated output power of 350 W (>55 dBm) with 40 percent power-added efficiency and 10 dB power gain across 9.2 to 10.1 GHz. The F501 is a compact, surface-mount, hybrid module that can be used as the power amplifier (PA) in a phased array radar or as the driver for a higher power PA. 

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