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RFHIC Corporation

Company Profile

Contact Information

Contact: Alex Park
Title: International Sales
Phone: (011)
Fax: (011) 8.2312.5050


RFHIC Corporation
RFHIC BD, 37-1, Imok-dong, Jangan-gu
Suwon 440-310
South Korea


80 W GaN Power Amplifier for LTE/WCDMA

January 17, 2011
RFHIC Corporation recently released an 80 W Gallium Nitride (GaN) power amplifier for LTE (Long Term Evolution) and WCDMA applications. Read More

Active Dividers AD311 & AD412

January 17, 2011
RFHIC introduces 3 & 4-way Active Dividers for Digital TV and Set top box applications. Covering 45-1000 MHz, with 8 & 6 dB gain, good gain flatness & noise figure, great VSWR & Linearity. Read More

AE312 & AE314 High Gain MMICs

January 17, 2011
RFHIC introduces high gain MMIC for FTTx, CATV & Broadcasting market. Read More

CATV Hybrid Amplifiers: 2F8722CD and 2F1G23CP

January 17, 2011
RFHIC announces new GaAs 1GHz CATV Hybrid Amplifiers. Two new products and plans for the GaN CATV Hybrids. Read More

Cellular Balanced LNA

January 17, 2011
This new Cellular low noise amplifier is ideal for tower top applications. Balanced design, superior low noise performance, reliable upto 30dBm input power all works for exceptional durability. Read More

EpHEMT MMIC Product Line

January 17, 2011
RFHIC expands its market position with EpHEMT GaAs MMIC by securing design wins across leading CATV line extenders and optical network system manufacturers. Read More

GaAs p-HEMT LNA for S-band Applications

January 17, 2011
RFHIC introduces GaAs p-HEMT LNA for S-band Applications. Alumina ceramic substrate based GaAs p-HEMT LNA. Read More

GaN Pallet Amplifier RTP-21010

January 17, 2011
RFHIC introduces high efficiency GaN pallet Amp. New GaN solution for LTE/WCDMA RRH with variable output power optimized for DPD interlocking. Read More

GaN Technology RRH Pallet Amplifiers

January 17, 2011
The most advanced Remote Radio Head (RRH) solution Read More

Medical Treatment Amplifiers

January 17, 2011
High efficiency medical treatment amplifiers for hyperthermia treatment or RF ablation applications. Up to 55% efficiency on AB class amplification. Read More

Power Amplifier RWS05020-10

January 17, 2011
How small can a GaN power amplifier be? RFHIC’s molded styled power amplifier (GaN on SiC) pumps out 20 W covering 20 MHz to 1000 MHz. Read More

Ten New SMD 2-Way-Dividers

January 17, 2011
RFHIC introduces Low Cost SMD 2-Way-Divider for LTE & WiMAX market. 10 new products for each LTE frequency and by package type. Read More

The New C-class GaN Hybrid Amplifier

January 17, 2011
RFHIC recently released the new C-class GaN (Gallium Nitride) hybrid amplifier using GaN-on-SiC (Gallium Nitride on Silicon carbide substrate) devices. Read More

Variable Gain Amplifier

January 17, 2011
The 2AM series is a hybrid 2-stage amplifier with a 0.5 dB step digital attenuator in one small package. The user can reduce board space and lower total cost of design with this new product. Read More

Wideband Amp RWP Series

January 17, 2011
RWP05040-10 is a wideband amplifier with an operation band 20-1000 MHz & Pout 40 W. RWP05020-10 is a similar device with Pout 20 W. These pallet amplifiers are ideal for various wideband applications. Read More


RFHIC Focuses on GaN

December 08, 2009
Microwave Journal invites Dr. Samuel Cho to explain his company’s global activity, how strategic partnerships have shaped its success and its continued commitment to GaN technology. He also considers expansion into new markets, the development of products at higher frequencies and environmental issues. Read More

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