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Universal Switching Corporation
7671 North San Fernando Road
Burbank CA 91505
United States

Universal Switching Corporation is an internationally recognized leader in the switching industry that manufactures “state-of-the-art” switching, distribution and conversion equipment. Since 1992, the USC commitment to Continuous-Process-Improvement and cutting-edge technology has been combined to provide a unique blend of cost effective and high quality products spanning DC-40GHz.

A broad product line of switching systems, switching modules and distribution units span a frequency range from DC to 40GHz. Signal types include AC/DC power switching, audio, ATE instrumentation, composite video, SD & HD Video, HF, RF, IF and L-Band signals, high resolution RGB+HV video, high speed ‘422, LVDS, PECL or ECL digital data, small and large L-Band products, plus other >3GHz signals all the way to 40GHz. With the acquisition of Matrix Systems Corporation’s (MSC) switching product line in 2007, the USC product line now includes a number of unique relay modules in support of existing system installations throughout the world. A number of USC product enhancements have further improved this proven product line.

With a corporate culture that includes a modern facility, talented personnel, comprehensive Quality Management System and ISO 9001:2008 certification, USC provides a standard 2-Year warranty for all equipment, and optional extended 5-Year warranty.


Series E7000 "SMART" Relay Modules

Universal Switching Corporation (uswi.com), a leading manufacturer of signal switching and distribution products, has announced an enhancement to its field proven rugged DC-800MHz Series 7000 relay module product line. The Series E7000 "SMART" Relay Modules offer a simple and efficient way to power and control the relay. This is because a 10/100 Ethernet port is integrated directly on the module which also includes PoE capability (Power Over Ethernet).

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