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Laser Services Inc.
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Laser Services is an ISO and AS-9100 registered laser cutting, drilling, scribing, marking (etching), and welding services provider located in Westford, Massachusetts, USA. We specialize in processing ceramic substrate (alumina) materials and a variety of other PCB substrates, stocking a large inventory of high-quality materials from leading suppliers for quick turn-around. A fully equipped 16,000-ft.2 facility features 25 low-to-high-power lasers and a wide range of state-of-the art processing tools and equipment.


Laser Services to exhibit at IMS2016

Laser Services, an ISO 9001:2008 - AS9100C and ITAR registered laser job shop, will be exhibiting at the 2016 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in San Francisco, Calif., being held from May 22–27, in booth #1853. They will be discussing their services and techniques for RF and microwave applications.

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Laser Services' new website offers tips on laser cutting, drilling and welding

Laser Services Inc., an ISO and AS9100 registered laser job shop, has launched a newly redesigned website to include fresh insights and best practices on preparing files for laser cutting, drilling and welding, metals, ceramics, medical tools, adhesives, absorbers and more. In addition to providing an improved navigation and user experience, the site delves further into the capabilities of this laser job shop, and showcases videos, insights and laser engineering tips.

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Laser Services' video "cuts" to the chase – insight into a laser job shop partner

Laser Services Inc., an ISO and AS9100 registered laser job shop, has released a video that shows its innovative approach to servicing engineers, designers, and operations managers with expert laser cutting, drilling, marking, etching, ablating, and welding services. The video provides insights on how to best employ Laser Services as an outsource and covers their full breadth of capabilities from prototyping to volume assembly.

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Training grant leads to promotions at Laser Services

Laser Services Inc. announces the promotion of three of its employees as a direct result of receiving a Workforce Training Grant in 2012. They were awarded the training grant last April to train employees in Lean Manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing techniques. As a result of this training, Laser Services has significantly improved a number of processes including scheduling, planning, tooling, and production.

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Laser Services awarded workforce training grant for employees

LaserServices Inc. (, a precision laser job shop located in Westford, MA, has announced that they have been awarded a $61,200 Workforce Training Fund grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for an employee training and professional development project. Laser Services will use the grant for training programs for 32 employees and expects to create four new jobs as a result of this project. 

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Laser Services offers processing tips at IMS

Engineers at IMS 2012 in Montreal, Canada looking for guidance on how best to employ lasers to aid in cutting, drilling and ablating materials will find help from the Laser Services team in booth #215. One such technique being adopted around the microwave industry is using laser ablation to create solder dams on circuits.

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Laser Services adds a new microscope-aligned CO2 laser

Laser Services Inc. has announced the addition of a new microscope-aligned CO2 laser to bring greater capacity to their substrate and PCB cutting department. This brings the total of microscope-aligned CO2 lasers to four in daily operation, adding 33 percent capacity to their fine alignment capability. This increased capacity allows for quicker order turns and shorter lead times.

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Customized, Fiber-Guided, High Power Laser: 2 kW YAG

LS_PR_TRUMPFLaser Services announced the purchase of a customized, fiber-guided, high power laser from TRUMPF. The specific features of the 2 kW YAG laser include: greater beam power for cutting highly reflective, non-ferrous materials such as copper and aluminum up to a ¼ inch thick; hole drilling as small as 8 mils; higher power efficiency for cooler operation; fewer moving parts and simpler solid state construction for reduced downtime.

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Frozen Epoxy Pre-forms

frozen epoxyLaser Services stocks and delivers a variety of high-performance frozen epoxies from Ablestik, Emerson & Cuming and Henkel. The products' performance is ideal for microwave and heat sink applications. In bonding microwave substrates into packages, it provides RF/EMI shielding. Its high thermal conductivity is desirable for bonding "hot" devices onto heat sinks in applications where electrical insulation is not required.

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Laser Cut Microwave Absorber

Laser Cut Microwave AbsorberLaser Services stocks and delivers custom laser cut microwave absorber material. One of our preferred brands is ECCOSORB® high loss microwave absorber from Emerson & Cuming. It is designed to attenuate electromagnetic interference by converting RF energy to heat.

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Boulder Imaging ML12 Metrology System

BI ML12Laser Services Inc., an ISO and AS9100 registered laser job shop, has announced the addition of a new metrology system for measuring precision parts. The Boulder Imaging ML Series metrology system measures and records single or multiple high-precision, two-dimensional parts in seconds, and dramatically reduces inspection time.

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Laser Cutting EMI and Bonding Materials

CuttingLasers offer distinct advantages over machine cutting of frozen epoxies and EMI/noise suppression materials. Achieving consistency and repeatability with traditional methods of machining is challenging, as these methods often damage and waste material, and frozen epoxies and EMI materials require special handling throughout the manufacturing process.

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Ceramic Substrates and Quick Turn Machining

CeramicSubstratesLaser Services is a major value-added storehouse for a range of ceramic substrates (primarily alumina) from leading suppliers, including Coorstek, CeramTec, and Kyocera. Its large-volume buying power translates into cost savings for customers at both large-scale and small-scale levels.

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Laser Ablation

LaserAblationThere is another solder damming technique being rapidly adopted—laser ablation. Considered to be more accurate and consistent than traditional solder damming methods, laser ablation vastly improves the production process by increasing repeatability and significantly reducing manufacturing costs.

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