Aeroflex/Metelics Inc.

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Contact: Teresa Farris
Title: Jim Godbout
Phone: (408) 737-8181
Fax: (408) 733-7645


Aeroflex/Metelics Inc.
975 Steward Dr.
Sunnyvale CA 94085
United States



HBT Gain Block

The MMA712 packaged HBT Gain Block version of the MMA612 die operates from DC- 12 GHz with flat-gain response of +/- 1.0 dB over the entire band.
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InGaP HBT Transistors

Designed with Aeroflex-Metelics’ proven Darlington feedback amplifier design approach, the MMA707-3030 InGaP HBT transistor provides high performance to 2.2 GHz.
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Aeroflex-MicroMetrics Products

Aeroflex-MicroMetrics products include: tuning varactors, step recovery diodes, PIN/NIP/limiter diodes, Schottky diodes, attenuator pads, point contact diodes, chip capacitors, resistors, spiral inductors, abrupt and hyperabrupt varactors, mixer/detectors, Zener diodes, MELFs, and JAN qualified devices.
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