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A collective blog from the experts in measurement and design, discussing the latest tools for circuit-level modeling through system verification for general RF/microwave, 4G and 5G communications and aerospace/defense applications. Learn about these applications and the EDA simulation software, test and measurement equipment and techniques behind state-of-the-art RF, microwave and high speed design.

Consider the costs of not migrating your aging test system

January 6, 2011

Test system migration and modernization doesn’t have to be expensive and fraught with hassle. In fact, carefully planned migration can maximize test-system efficiency, performance and readiness while providing meaningful cost savings.

In aerospace and defense, missions evolve but one thing stays the same: the need to ensure system readiness. As system technology becomes more complex, it becomes more difficult to meet this challenge.

Carefully planned instrumentation migration and modernization can maximize test-system efficiency, performance and readiness— and provide meaningful cost savings. There are certainly risks associated with test program set (TPS) migration and modernization. The decision to forego modernization also carries a variety of risks.

You can mitigate the risks of migration by applying the success factors presented here: an assessment of the barriers and benefits, a comprehensive equipment inventory, a well-timed plan, an awareness of business cycles, and the ability (and willingness) to drive change. To help minimize the potential disruptions associated with technology refresh, you can also choose to work with an experienced test-and-measurement partner. Ultimately, the decision to replace outdated technology can provide meaningful cost reductions in areas such as system throughput, the number of test sets, and calibration, maintenance and repair.

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