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Jaime Leger is one of the founders of Sheppard Leger Nowak (SLN) an integrated marketing firm located in Providence, RI. Over the course of his career, Jaime's entrepreneurial drive has resulted in growing many clients’ businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across both the B2B and B2C. Also known as the most interesting ad guy in the world, he can speak Russian in French, bowls overhand, is the life of parties that he has never attended , and his shirts never wrinkle.

IMS 2017: Looking to the next wave in digital advertising

June 2, 2017

VideoThis year at IMS we’re in Honolulu, kicking off yet another must-visit event in the industry. Once again, our team is proud to partner with the Microwave Journal to spotlight the latest in microwave technologies with video and social media coverage.

In 2017, we’re putting a bigger focus than ever on highlighting RF/Microwave industry leaders through video. It is now more important than ever to get relevant product-related content in front of RF engineers, and video is becoming the best way to do that. Video is more engaging than plain text or a static photo - it’s easily shared, and therefore increases brand awareness.

Live video goes even further to promote interactions with your partners and customers in real-time. Most recently, live video streaming took the spotlight on social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. We’ve seen strong success working with our clients in the B2B industry with live video events to encourage discussion, allowing for questions and answers in real-time.

HawaiiSo while you’re at this year’s IMS show, I’d be happy to talk to you about the next wave of digital advertising. And stay tuned for our video and social media coverage from the IMS 2017!

See you there!

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