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Joe Madden
Mr. Madden founded Mobile Experts in 2002 and today serves as its principal analyst, Radio Access and RF Semiconductors. He has twenty-four years of experience in wireless hardware, supplying amplifiers and filters into both base station and handset applications.

The Impact of CMOS Power Amplifiers on the Handset

Qualcomm recently made a big splash, announcing their RF360 product to accompany its transceiver and baseband chipsets for mobile handsets. To old radio guys like me, this brought back memories of the first integrated CMOS transceivers for mobile handsets. Back in the early 1980s, with AMPS cellular systems, the handset used discrete components in the transceiver. By the 1990s, when 2G systems were starting to ramp up, Qualcomm and other baseband modem suppliers suggested a migration to CMOS transceivers.
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