Exceed Microwave’s WZ-Series Band-pass Filters utilize super high Q resonators, providing very low insertion loss while maintaining high selectivity.  Low insertion loss and the structural design allows for higher power handling than any other waveguide filter.  

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WC-Series Waveguide Bandpass Filters

Exceed Microwave’s WC-Series waveguide bandpass filters are high performance filters that come in small sizes. The typical length is half of the standard H-Plane Iris Coupled waveguide filters. Compared to standard waveguide filters, the WC-Series filters are capable of achieving very wide passbands.

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Waveguide Phase Equalizer

Exceed Microwave’s waveguide phase equalizer can reduce the peak-to-peak parabolic and cubic phase distortions across a wide frequency band. The phase equalizers are custom designed to each phase distortion requirement in digital systems. 

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