Handheld Spectrum Analyzer: AV4024G

The AV4024 series handheld spectrum analyzer provides excellent performance at an affordable price.  There are 4 different frequency ranges offered in this line-up to 44 GHz.  Some performance specs are 1 to 10 MHz RBW and low DANL (-163 dBm at 1Hz RBW.)

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Line of Network Analyzers: AV3672

The Ceyear AV3672 line of network analyzers are cutting edge and have an extremely competitive value proposition without compromising quality. It is offered in 5 different frequency ranges up to 67 GHz, both 2 and 4 port configurations, and frequency range extension up to 500 GHz. 

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Signal/Spectrum Analyzers: AV4051 Series

AV4051 Series signal/spectrum analyzers have excellent performance in test dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy, and test speed.  Various test functions include high-sensitivity spectrum analysis, power measurement, IQ analysis, transient analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio analysis, analog demodulation measurement, phase noise test and more.

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