Articles by Exodus Advanced Communications, Las Vegas, Nev.

Solid State Power Amplifier: AMP1110

Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to announce the release of a new State of the Art ruggedized solid state power amplifier. Our Best in Class power amplifier AMP1110 a 4 to 8 GHz, 40 W minimum saturated power output module. The AMP1110 is a Class AB linear GaN hybrid design with instantaneous bandwidth. Other features include 4.0 dB peak to peak flatness and 12 A max consumption. 

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Solid Pulsed Power Amplifier: AMP3110P

Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to announce the release of a Best in Class State of the Art high peak pulse power amplifier. The 1000 W AMP3110P covers the 2700 to 3100 MHz frequency range at duty cycles of up to 10%. Features include a built-in isolator, fast pulse modulator, monitoring and additional protection circuits; this module is highly reliable and rugged. 

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10 W, 32 to 40 GHz, GaAs FET Power Amplifier

Solid-State High Power Module: AMP3060

Exodus Advanced Communications has introduced its latest solid-state high power module, the AMP3060. This linear, GaAs FET hybrid, Class AB design provides 10 W output across 32 to 40 GHz, with a minimum power gain of 40 dB and 4 dB peak-to-peak maximum flatness when driven with a constant maximum input power of 0 dBm. The AMP3060 is suitable for EMI/EMC susceptibility, millimeter wave component testing, electronic warfare, Ka-Band satellite and general communications applications. 

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State Of The Art Ruggedized Power Amplifier: AMP3095

Exodus Advanced Comm. announced the release of a state of the art ruggedized power amplifier. AMP3095 is our 31 to 40 GHz, 5 W Min broadband module, featuring a Class AB linear GaAsFET hybrid design. It operates from a 9 VDC supply at 16 A with gain flatness of 8.0 dB Max peak to peak. With instantaneous wide bandwidth, built-in protection circuits and high reliability the AMP3095 is suitable for all single channel modulation standards and applications. 

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2 to 6 GHz Frequency Range Amplifier: AMP1049A

AMP3033 sideExodus introduces the AMP1049A module covering the entire instantaneous 2 to 6 GHz frequency range at 40 W CW minimum and 50 W CW typical with flatness of less than 4 dB peak to peak. Also designed to use with all single channel modulation standards and applications requiring high power and ultra-wide band coverage. It has built-in protection circuits, high reliability and ruggedness.

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Amplifier: AMP1122

Amplifier: AMP1122Exodus introduces the AMP1122 module which covers the 6 to 18 GHz frequency range instantaneously at 60 W CW typical saturated output power with a flatness of 5 dB peak to peak. Consuming 27 Amp typical and operating from a 32 VDC source this module is perfect for EW and EMI/RFI applications. This module is designed for use with any high power application requiring ultra-wide band coverage.

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VHF/UHF Amplifier: AMP1136

Exodus Image AMP1136 pic 2Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to announce the release of its VHF/UHF amplifier model AMP1136, a 20 to 1000 MHz, 200 W Min CW LDMOS module. It features instantaneous bandwidth with 3.0 dB peak to peak flatness and 24 A max consumption operating from a 32 VDC source. This unit is suitable for all single channel modulations standards and has built in protection circuits.

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Ultra-Broadband High Power Amplifier: AMP2084

exodus image AMP2084

AMP2084 ultra-broadband high power amplifier system covering the full 6 to 18 GHz frequency range at 80 W Min / 100 W typical and featuring Class AB linear GaN design, gain of 50 dB and less than 4 dB p-p power flatness all in a 5 U standard rack chassis. Operating from a 180 to 240 VAC power source, the AMP2084 has built-in protection circuits and is suitable for all single channel modulations standards.

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