Articles by Signal Hound, La Center, Wash.

Vector Signal Generator: VSG25A

VSG25AThe VSG25A hardware features a 12-bit I/Q baseband arbitrary waveform generator which can be clocked at virtually any frequency from 54 kHz to 180 MHz, and includes a 4096 x 16 bit pattern buffer for built-in or custom modulation. The included software automatically generates CW: 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz, -40 dBm to +10 dBm, AM / FM: 30 Hz to 40 MHz modulation rates, sine, triangle, square, ramp and pulse: 6 ns to 25 ms width, 12 ns to 1 second period.

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Spike Software

Signal Hound announced a significant software upgrade called Spike. The new Spike software allows the SA's to function as real-time spectrum analyzers for sweeps of 250 kHz and less - that means every RF event will be captured when using spans that are equal to or less than 250 kHz. Another improvement is sweep speeds that are up to 8x faster for spans between 500 kHz and 2 MHz. In addition, the SA graphics now include color persistence and a 2D waterfall display.

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