Articles by SAGE Millimeter Inc., Torrance, CA

EBand Passive Tripler: SFP-123KF-S1

sfp-123kf-s1Model SFP-123KF-S1 is a resistive diode based passive tripler. The tripler is designed and build with a balanced waveguide configuration, which offers low harmonic emission and high conversion efficiency. The tripler exhibits 20 dB typical conversion loss and converts +20 dBm input power at 20 to 30 GHz to 0 dBm minimum output power at 60 to 90 GHz.

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WR-10 Waveguide to 1 mm Coax Adapters

2012-06 SWC-101F-R1 and SWC-101M-R1 (2)Model SWC-101F-R1 and SWC-101M-R1 are W band waveguide to 1 mm coaxial adapters. These adapters offer convenient mean for waveguide to coaxial line connection for full W band operations. Both WR-10 waveguide to 1mm (F) and WR-10 waveguide to1 mm (M) coax adapters have less than 1.0 dB insertion loss and better than 15 dB return loss from 75 to 110 GHz.

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Low Cost K Band FMCW Ranging and Directional Sensor Module

SSP-24303-42-D1Model SSP-24303-42-D1 is a low cost, production ready K band FMCW ranging and directional sensor module. The center frequency of the module is set at 24.125 GHz with +/-150 MHz frequency modulation bandwidth and +3 dBm nominal output powers. The sensor operates from a single +5 .0 Vdc power supplier and typically draws 250-mA current and requires 0 to +15 volts voltage swing for electrical tuning.

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