3 GaAs MMIC Mixers: CMD251C3 / CMD180 fundamental mixers, CMD252C4 I/Q mixer

Custom MMIC announces three GaAs MMIC mixers for C-band, X-band, K-band, and Ka-band applications. The CMD251C3 fundamental mixer, CMD252C4 I/Q mixer, and CMD180 fundamental mixer deliver best-in-class isolation and conversion loss performance while offering low input power requirements. These new MMIC mixers help increase dynamic range while reducing LO power and subsequent filtering requirements. 

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Custom MMIC’s Circuits Added to X-Microwave’s Modular Design, Production System

X-MWblock System

Custom MMIC announced an expanded collaboration with X-Microwave LLC, developers of a modular/drop-in simulation, prototyping and production system for solderless and reconfigurable RF/microwave circuits up to 67 GHz. The X-MWblockTM system enables efficient and expedient microwave and mmWave circuit development and testing, using industry grade non-linear online simulation tools.

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New Tech Brief: How Phase Noise Affects Radar and Communications Systems

Custom MMIC has published a free technical brief, “Addressing Your Phase Noise Challenges in Radar and Communication Systems,” illuminating key aspects of how phase noise impacts signal quality in radar and communication systems. The tech brief provides insight into product solutions that can be used in radar and communication systems that are phase noise constrained.

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