Defense Spending and the Looming Fiscal Cliff - A Three-way Heavyweight Fight Between Taxes, Entitlements and Defense

Can we make the right choices to fund our military in the midst of the fiscal challenges our nation faces?
Are we approaching a national disaster for our future Military Budgets, or is there a slim chance that an acceptable compromise is still possible to “avoid the unavoidable” – the mindless cuts of across the board sequestration?
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Lowering the Risk of Bringing Advanced Technology to the War Fighter: The Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF)

How the Services and Several DoD Agencies are initiating a new Advancing Product & Technology Program to Develop Hardware and System Prototypes to Reduce System Development Risks
The DoD Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF): Formerly The Rapid Innovation Program For those of us close to the acquisition game and following the contentious debate on lowering both the technical and financial risk of DoD Weapons and Technology development programs, along comes an initiative that has been hovering just...
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