Articles by Anatech Electronics

Directional Coupler: AM1650DC838

AM1650DC838Coupler100Anatech Electronics has introduced the AM1650DC838 directional coupler designed for wireless and general-purpose applications from 800 to 2500 MHz. The AM1650DC838 provides 6 dB of coupling with flatness of +/-1 dB from 800 to 2500 MHz, insertion loss of 1.5 dB or less, a VSWR of 1.2:1 or less, and 40 W power handling ability.

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3-Way Power Divider: AE5000PD882

Anatech Electronics introduces its 3-way Power divider AE5000PD882 ranging from 2 to 8 GHz, with insertion loss   1.2 dB, isolation = 18 dB, VSWR of 1.5:1 in a package size of 71 x 31 x 13 mm max. Anatech Electronics is also involved in the design and manufacturing of other low and high power 2,3,4,8 and 16 way power dividers ranging from 10 MHz to 8 GHz.

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